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Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Niche market.

Yesterday i visited all the outdoor shops in Manchester. Talking to staff and generally seeing what they had new.
One of the items i wanted to look at was the new Osprey Hornet 46. I wanted to check the back length.

Well on this point alone my trip was wasted. Nobody in Manchester had any and worse still are not going to stock it.
Nevis sport showed most interest and even offered to get me one if i was prepared to pay up front.

I can order one from the US myself so i didn't pursue this option. But at least they called me back to confirm that head office were not getting the 46 at all.

While they all checked their computers i had the feeling that they were able to check up on what other shops were going to get in which left me a bit bemused. But hey who am i.
The Hornet 46 weighs 0.6 kilo’s,  that’s roughly half the weight of my current sack for the same capacity, and as its one of the big three, i am interested.
I am really surprised at the negativity i found. I think this would be a big seller in the UK.
I asked family in Australia to check up in the outdoor shops there and the story is the same. Probably not going to stock it.

Just like the reaction i got in the Cotswold shop when i discussed the Inov-8/ Gore-tex socks scenario a year ago, this must be for niche markets also and they don’t stock items for niche markets.

If anyone knows of UK retailer i would be pleased to hear.Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in this pack as well (although I shouldn't be buying any more gear!).

Outside are pretty good on Osprey packs They stock the Exos 58 which is almost impossible to get elsewhere. Drop them an email and see whether they intend stocking the Hornet 46. I'll wait for you to test it :)

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
Now come on, you have got enough rucksacks to start a shop. ha.

Thanks for the info i will check it out and let you know.

Anonymous said...

"you have got enough rucksacks to start a shop"

the truth hurts

Alan Sloman said...

She is a sexy little minx, isn't she? I would love to see one in the flesh...

I am in London on Tuesday - I'll nip to Covent Garden and have a poke about....

Ta, Alan

selfpowered said...

Ellis Brigham in convent garden London stock osprey, tho' whether they have that'n i dunno. I've seen the 58s in there. But the Hornet is light, I'm interested too!

AlanR said...

Yes a real teaser all in red and black. And all those tie loops. Ahh

David, I tried EB and they are not going to stock it. Unfortunately.
Which i think its a big mistake.

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