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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A local walk. Thornham and Hopwood

A lovely mainly sunny day greeted me as i drew back the curtains (Wednesday 16th). There was still some frost lying white in the shadows but steam was rising from woodwork bathed in sunshine.
I had a cooker to fix at home and also, i needed to wait for the postman but it was just too nice not to go for a walk.
I decided to do a circular route from Slattocks locks on the Rochdale canal, then head up through the woodland at Tandle hill. Down through Stakehill and across to Hopwood finishing back at Slattocks locks.
 Slattocks Locks, Rochdale canal.
 Bridge 66 and the Old Lock keepers house. Now privately owned.

 Slattocks locks, Rochdale canal lock 54
Is this above picture, Scotland in the making. Too many wind farms will result in a mass of pylons.
Looking North to Scout moor Wind farm in the centre and pylons everywhere.
 Trig Point on Tandle Hill looking north towards Rossendale 
 Heading South off Tandle Hill,
Mmm, Dark clouds building up on the South East over Oldham and here’s me without my waterproofs and Down Socks of course.
Through Stake Hill i crossed the main road and into Hopwood Nature park. They have done quite a bit of work here tiding the place up a little. It’s a good spot for a stroll. Plenty of Mallard to be seen and the males look magnificent in all there colour. Coot and Moorhen could be spotted occasionally in the reed beds.

Just beyond the pond there is a short rise up to a good viewpoint and it was good to see that this memorial to a man who recently passed away was intact. The medal was for the Great North Run 2010.
Long may it remain this way.
 View across to Scout Moor.

The path skirts the Hopwood college campus which was once the house and gardens of the Hopwood family. This sad picture of the boarded up mansion is all that is left. What you see was built in the 17th and 18th centuries but a dwelling has been here since the 12th century. It’s a shame to see it like this.
 A local history on the hall and some better accessed photo’s can be found here.
 The campus church tower with the sun in it’s stained glass.
 A not so well footpath sign, but it was pointing in roughly the right direction.
 A lovely tree lined pathway, once part of the Hopwood estate.
 Unidentified Fungi
 Man made earthwork at grid ref SD 870 081
Not sure what this is but it may be an underground reservoir.
There are no signs around to tell you what it is. Just the usual KEEP OUT notices.
 Signs of recent flooding.
 Unidentified Fungi
 Possibly Coriolus (=Trametes) hirsuta or Trametes ochracea.TBA
Trub brook.

If you have any idea of the names of the Unidentified Fungi then please let me know and i will include them. Thanks.


  1. The church tower must be very beautiful in sun!

    Nice pictures, although I must agree that the pylons somehow disrupt the true wilderness feeling...

  2. Hi Maria,
    I'm sure the light inside would be beautiful.
    The photo with the pylons shows just how things can get out of hand and before you know it the wilderness has gone.

  3. There's a lot of merit in walking from one's own doorstep, isn't there? Personally, I fall into the trap of taking the same routes, so there may be many undiscovered local highlights.
    Incidentally, Alan, why don't you join us here next Wednesday. We could possibly give you a lift back to the start.

  4. Hi Martin,
    Yes we are quite lucky where we live. Within 100yds i am into farm land that the local farmers give me permission to walk on. And we have a lovely country park and a number of Nature reserves. We are not stuck for local walks.
    Wednesday would suit me fine. I still havn’t fixed the cooker yet but what’s another day. According to the Itinerary the start and finish is at the Clifton Park hotel is that correct. Do they allow parking or is there an alternative place.
    It’s only a couple of junctions down from us so i have no excuse not to go. Thanks very much for the invite.

  5. Hi Alan
    It's an LDWA walk. I'm not a member but I may join. I'll be with the same folk as I was with on the 'Curry and Ale' day, so you should recognise us. Whoever the leader is will have recced the walk, so I'm sure there will be parking in the vicinity of SD765038. I imagine it will be well-attended.
    Hope to see you there.
    (Are you using a primus then?)

  6. Ok Martin, I shall be there. Re the Primus, Todays post pending will reveal all.

  7. Good. One way or another (may need two trips) I'll give you a lift back to the start.
    I was using 'primus' in the generic sense, reference your cooker, the health of which I presume is not good!

  8. Martin,
    With the start and finish listed as the same place. Is it not a circular walk?

    Yes you got me hook line and sinker there. I had the Primus Express on my mind and had watched PTC’s video on it so my mind was elsewhere. Us blokes can only concentrate on one thing at a time, so i am told.

  9. No Alan, it finishes in Walkden, apparently. We'll have a car there and will guarantee a lift back. Public transport would apparently be very tedious. See you on Wednesday. I may don my orange cap, especially for you!

  10. Well thats very kind of you Martin. Thank You.
    As for the Orange cap! I could think of much worse.

  11. We've been inside the Hopwood Hall Manor house! very beautiful and some amazing history still left in the building that's soon to become a hotel.

  12. Hi Mark,
    Its always been boarded up as long as i have lived in the area. I hope they {The Developers} keep the old fixtures and fittings and maybe i will get the chance to go and see inside.


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