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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tarptent new models, Autumn 2011

2 new offerings from Henry Shires at Tarptent are due out soon (Autumn), called the StatoSpire 1 and 2. (Click on the link for full specs and more photo's.)

 The SS1 above and the SS2 below.

The SS1 will sleep 1-2, the floor does take 2 mats
SS1 floor and bug mesh inner.
Weight is 0.9kg and uses your own trekking poles for support or trees can be used to suspend them.

The SS2 sleeps 2-3 and the weight is 1.1kg. Both tents can be erected within 2 minutes.

Costs are TBA. And it is not clear yet if there will be a solid interior released with the 1st production run. I would presume there will or maybe a half solid half mesh at some point. We will have to wait and see.


markswalkingblog said...

Alan, maybe worthy of a further look. Good space to weight and the corner pitch locks are good as well. Needs to have a solid or part solid inner for the UK.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
Interesting pair.
I agree, they need at least a solid ripstop top section to the inner.
I am guessing the price to be slightly cheaper than the Scarp 1. for the SS1 that is.

Greg said...

I remember Chris T in Tgo doing a tent review once of a Coleman tent with a mesh inner. He said it was unsuitable for our climate as it dripped through the mesh onto his gear. Would this be an issue?

AlanR said...

Greg i think it would.
The Tarptent’s i have, ie The Moment and the Scarp 2 both have ripstop nylon/mesh combination inners or liner in the case of the Moment.
They work great in the UK.
I think with these being pre-release shots that post release they, ie (Henry) will also have a ripstop/mesh interior available for them.
It’s just a matter of time.

Philip Werner said...

Great vestibule space. I wonder how they'll hold up in a decent blow. It's good to see that Henry is still innovating.

AlanR said...

Hi Philip,
Knowing Henry’s love of the Scottish Hills i would presume that he has designed them with UK conditions in mind although the complete mesh inner will need to have a ripstop brother to be full UK compatible.

If one of these interest you then a quick email to Henry via the Tarptent website with any questions would be beneficial.

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