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Monday, August 1, 2011

Gosforth to Nether Wasdale and return

Thursday evening as we drove our usual journey to Sheila’s mums via Birker fell, it was raining. It had been raining for most of the day.
Everywhere else had seemed to be enjoying the sunshine. We certainly were prior to setting off.

We stopped, again as usual, to take photo’s of the Scafell range and around to Harter Fell. It doesn’t matter, raining or sunny it always worth a few minutes stop to take in the landscape.
 Photo. 1 Looking across Eskdale to Scafell
 Photo 2. looking across Eskdale towards Illgill Head.
Photo 3. Looking across Birker to Harter Fell.
We always go to our usual haunt (Gosforth Hall Inn) for a beer or two upon arrival. It’s the stress of the driving you know.
 It was good to see the new build making rapid progress. A new 13 bedroom annexe is being built in beautiful red sandstone, cut from the quarry near St Bees head.  (The one on the Coast to Coast route).

And then Friday was shopping day to Whitehaven and on return, a trip to Nethertown for lunch and a visit to the best Garden centre in the area.

It was quite a surprise then when Dorothy suggested we go for a walk on Saturday. There was no kicking or screaming, no gouging or biting either. Standing back in amazement i realised we hadn’t brought any walking gear. It was unexpected.
The only compromise was that she suggested the walk.
This was from Gosforth village to Nether Wasdale with lunch at the Scree’s pub. Sounds ok to me i said.

It rained quite heavily during the night but the day was a lovely sunny day with clear views of the fells.

The route is below and the balloons show the route and mileage in Km. (Click on the image to zoom in)

 Photo 4. Taken from around the 3.04km balloon looking North East at Scafell Pike and Great Gable in the background.
 Photo 5. A Female Ringlet butterfly. Taken halfway between the 3.04 and 3.93 balloons.
 Photo 6. A little unsure here but i think this is Feverfew. Anyone know for sure?
Taken at aprox 3.93km balloon.
 Photo. 7 Getting a little arty. Taken at 4.20km balloon.
 Photo 8. Meadowsweet Taken at 4.44km Balloon.
 Photo 9. Dandelion taken at 4.44km balloon.
 Photo 10. Taken 200yds west of  6.25km balloon. Scafell, Scafell Pikes and Illgill Head.
 Photo 11. A big fellow. Taken at 6.25 Balloon.
 Photo 12. Taken at the woodland between 6.44 and 6.80km balloon
 Photo 13. Dorothy and Sheila at the 6.80km balloon.
 Photo 14. Low Wood Hotel at Nether Wasdale
 Photo 15. Lunch stop at the Screes Pub.
 Photo 16. Leaving Nether Wasdale on same route back to Gosforth.
 Photo 17. That big fellow still hasn’t moved. Must be tired out.
 Photo 18. Meadow Vetchling.
 Photo 19. Young fawn in escape mode. (centre, click to zoom). Taken north of 4.84 km Balloon.
 Photo 20. The Old Bridge no longer used over the River Irt Taken at the 4. 20km Balloon.
Photo 21. Back in Gosforth Village for an ice cream. 
The leaves are starting to get Autumn colours already and some
 are starting to fall. Oh No.

Well we enjoyed the walk on a lovely sunny day, nice not to have to wear waterproofs, not that we had any mind you.
Mileage 14.50 Km there and back at a very gentle pace. Not much in the way of ascent. Plenty of stops.


Phreerunner said...

If not Feverfew, something very similar. The vetch may be Meadow Vetchling, but in both cases a picture of the leaves would help towards a correct diagnosis!
I'm fascinated by the balloons; what software is that?

-maria- said...

The arty picture is really nice (as are the rest of the pictures as well).

Isn't it nice that sometimes you get what you want (like going for a walk) without kicking and screaming? ;-) It seems that Dorothy enjoys your walks together. And what a lovely way to spend a day together it indeed is.

Yes, it's soon autumn again. The summers go by so fast. But actually, I like autumn. The only downside is that it is followed by winter...

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
In both cases i was unsure. I must do better. Leaves to be included next time.

The mapping software is called "Where is the path”. Does everything i need very simply. You can up and download GPS co-ordinates but the tools to make it individual are not there, like colour change, additional icons etc.
It’s free or a donation is requested if you like it and use it a lot and there is a forum as well.
When you go on the site you may get a message to say you might not be able to view the map. Just click ok and 99% of the time you can.
I like it because you get the map and the satellite view together.
Have fun.

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks. We also like the Arty pic.
Because of the good weather on Saturday it was an excellent walk.

I can’t believe the leaves are turning already. Summer has been poor here and we are still waiting for a period of sustained calm and sunny weather. Scotland in particular has had a bad one.
I don’t mind the autumn colours but hate the dark evenings. I wish we could move the clock on a hour or two to give more evening light.

We have booked to go to New Zealand for 5 weeks at New Year so our dark period won’t be as bad this time.

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