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Monday, September 26, 2011

Zem Lightweight Shoes

This leaflet dropped through my door the other day and i found it was interesting and so i thought i should find out a bit more and pass it on via the blog page.

These light shoes which i am informed weigh between 70 and 80 grams depending on the model are ideal second shoes for backpacking as they fold down completely flat and weigh so little.
As the leaflet below says, they can be used for travel, which is what initially caught my interest and pretty much anything else to do with the outdoors scene.

With them being sold in Europe by Tilley the hat people the quality must be good or else they wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

Click on the image to zoom.

Now i know a second pair of shoes is not every backpackers cup of tea but, Sheila and I like to have something else to put our feet into after a walk. (apart from a cooling stream that is).

Over the years it is amazing how things have changed. 
From just an old pair of trainers weighing almost as much as a pair of boots do today, down to crocs which are light but bulky and not that packable to Vibram five finger shoes (below) which should have been called five toes surely. The Inov-8 190 sandal and the Saucony Hittori light shoe.

Vibram five fingers

And now the Zem shoes. 
The Zem1, 2 and 3 are being offered in Europe through Tilley Endurables.

Zem1 is £24.95 with the split toe.
Zem2 is also £24.95 and has a std round toe.
Zem 3 is £29.95 and is same shape as Zem2 but has a little more padding for travelling.

Apart from plain black, other colours are available, blue, pink and white stripes.



ZEM 3 with additional padding.

Hope you find this of interest.

Update 4th October 2011.
I went in search of a pair today in all the shops that Tilley show on their website located in the Manchester centre area. 
None of the retailers had them in and most had never heard of them.
I can only suggest at this moment in time that they are only available over the internet which is a real pain because you need to try them on unless you don’t mind the fuss of sending them back if they don’t fit.
I will contact Tilley and find out what’s going on. 


Anonymous said...

Good find. Looks interesting. Not expensive either. Are you getting some?

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
We are off to New Zealand at the end of December and i am putting together my list of gear. These are high on the list although i won't be getting a pair just yet. I will be getting them nearer the time as i think they are ideal for the trip and for backpacking.
I cannot claim i found them as the pamphlet just happened to drop through the letterbox.
(I have found another rucksack that you might show an interest in but thats for another post soon.)

markswalkingblog said...

Always worth popping over to your blog. Thanks for the info,they look good.

AlanR said...

Always appreciate your comments.

Greg said...

I like the look of them, might get some for christmas. I have some croc type shoes and have found them lethal in the wet.

AlanR said...

Hi Greg,
At this moment in time i don't know how they cope in the wet.
I am a bit surprised you found the crocs lethal. I have done some river crossings in them and they were ok.
I have also read that somebody, who's name slips my mind, did the whole TGO challenge in a pair.

Jolly Green Giant said...

I had a pair and quickly returned them. The cut is terrible.

AlanR said...

That’s burst the bubble a bit.
Did you do a post on them? I don’t recall reading it.
I am a bit surprised, with Tilley marketing them. Could you expand what the problems were for you so that others (like myself) who might be considering a pair can make a judgement.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Unknown said...

These look really, really good. I would love to have something better for the Alps than crocs offered in huts. These look great for that purpose, subject to what JGG has said.

AlanR said...

Thanks for your post. I read it with great interest. On the whole i think you wanted them to do a bit more than what i would require of them.
I want them to put on around camp or bothy’s instead of my boots or trail shoes. I think they are worth the risk.
I take on board what you say, that the stitching could be prone to abrasion due to it’s position and bearing this in mind i will probably cover the threads in shoo goo to add a bit of protection.
I am of the opinion that the plusses outweigh the minuses.
Only time will tell.

AlanR said...

Your comment was as my original thoughts.
JGG’s post was excellent on them but i think they are worth a risk at the price. I would be only using them for backpacking so the usage is light.
Ideal for hut use too.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I will await your review! My Nike Mayflys are 300g (pair), so I could halve the weight with these, but the Mayflys are proper shoes and I've backpacked in them (on flat ground as they don't have much grip). In some ways the Hittori looks more attractive as it's more of a proper shoe (but expensive!).

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
I am under no illusions about these. I am not looking to do any lengthy walking in them except maybe a bit on a beach.
But for the weight, the pack size and price they make ideal support shoes for backpacking camps and bothy's.

Sir Hugh said...

Crocs forever!

AlanR said...

So last year, Sir Hugh. ha

Alan Sloman said...

Woo Hoo!
What a splendid find! (Sorry for being late, points failure, Clapham Junction)

For twenty five nicker I reckon they're a steal! I agree with you; for tent, bothy, B&B & hotel absolutely ideal. I just wade across rivers on my Raptors anyway.

I shall have to track down a shop and try them.
Alan - You are a shiny star! Thank you!

AlanR said...

Praise indeed. The thing with blogs is it's a great place to share info freely. Whether it be walking routes, photo's or gear. If the info is useful then it pleases me to have passed it on.

Alan Sloman said...

I tried to find them in London yesterday afternoon, with similar lack of success to yours in Manchester...

AlanR said...

Not looking good Alan.

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