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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hi Tec Zuuk lightweight shoe.

 For some reason I missed these Zuuk’s when they first came out a couple of months ago. Or I didn't take enough notice of the press release. So i was taken back a bit when i saw them hanging in Field and Trek in Fort William a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed and bought a pair, as did Sheila.

The "best" lightweight shoes I have put on the blog were the Saucony Hittari. At 125gr. Per shoe, a good option for backpacking, bothying etc if you like to have a change of shoe and don’t mind paying top prices. I know some don't.
 The Hittari are still available, many places have stock but they range between £50 - £85.

 The Zuuk are not as light as the Hattari. They weigh 147 grams. (Size 7). But they are pretty cheap at £27.99.  For those on a tight budget these are a good option.

 They have a mesh upper giving perfect breathability and water expulsion with a soft inner and foot bed that is anti odour and anti microbial. The sole is white EVA on all the different colours available and both mens and ladies. For some reason there is not a black sole option which I would have preferred. But its not a big deal.

 Lacing is easy using the pull toggle tightening system and there is a small pocket on the tongue to store the excess lace.

 I found these shoes very comfy indeed and although I wouldn't use them for running, i don’t think the grip is good enough, I would use them generally around camp, in shower blocks, for fording rivers, going to the pub, around the home and garden and ideal for holidays or travel and other sports where water is involved.
 You can fold them over, toe to heel for packing but I think its best to put both shoes together and sandwich the mesh uppers. They compress down to around 40mm.

 I will probably buy a second pair before they stop making them, i think they are that good.

 Hi Tec’s Zuuk shoe


James Lomax said...

I like HiTec. I bought 3 pairs of an old style leather boot, discontinued years ago, one of which I'm still using, for a bargain sale price.

They're not a trendy brand, but I don't care.

AlanR said...

Hi James,
Brand names are not important to me either. I cannot just go out and buy the most expensive piece of kit so i look for good compromises. These are good.

Jules said...

Hmmm, these look interesting.

I must admit, I've always used watersport sandles as lightweight footwear for river crossings, evenings and around town (my current ones are Merrell's). As and when I need to replace, I'll look into something like these

AlanR said...

Get them whilst they are available Jules. I doubt you will regret it.

Phreerunner said...

I think you've missed out by not buying the Saucony Hattori running shoes you spotted a long time ago. Ours have now seen a lot of use. They are superb as non-boot footwear on long trips, and are very grippy so excellent for river crossings. The only downside is the price, and the cushioned footbed (also an upside re comfort) which doesn't dry as quickly as some of the alternatives. Thanks again for pointing out the Hattoris.
Martin and Sue

AlanR said...

I think the Hattori are worth the price. Especially using them as you have. After all it would be no good having them on your gear that failed list. Having said that i am really pleased with these Hi Tec. Maybe your contact at Hi Tec could send you some to review.

Stephen said...

An excellent shoe! Hi-Tec seem to get better and better with each shoe they bring out.

AlanR said...

Hi Stephen,
I don't usually publish comments from companies that use the blog for free advertising but seeing that you are in the outdoor industry i have on this occasion done so. Hi Tec have definitely changed for the better as you say and i will be buying another pair of the Zuuk. Although i see your pricing is a touch top end. I paid £27.99 and i have seen them even less that that recently.

Stephen said...

Thanks Alan. I'm always on the look out for good blogs relating to the outdoors community and when I thought your blog on the Zuuk was a very well written article on what is a very good shoe.

AlanR said...

Thanks Stephen, I think these and the Saucany Hittari are the best for me at this time but i'm always on the look out for this type of lightweight, strong, compact and quick drying shoe.

Phreerunner said...

Alan - following your introduction to them, I've now been using the Saucony Hattari shoes for some time. They've taken a hammering and remain intact despite not really looking very durable. The Saucony soles are also very grippy. I wonder how long your Hi-tecs will last - the only product I've had from them that has shown a smudging of durability is their top of the range boots!

AlanR said...

Hi Martin, Its only a guess but I would say the Hattari's will outlast the Hi Tecs. But time will tell. I really like the Hi Tecs, I think they have done a good job here.
Hopefully you can have a look at them on Dec 8th.

Andrew W said...

Only just spotted this post Al.
I must keep up.
Like the look of these, far less bulky than Crocs, look like an ideal river and camp shoe. Especially if they dry out reasonably quickly.
Anyway, just managed to order a pair for £16.20 delivered.
Definitely worth a punt in my opinion.

AlanR said...

You can take the toothed out to cross a river. They are far more secure than Croce and far more compact. That's a very good price, where did you get them from?.Amazon I presume.

AlanR said...

Toothed? Should have read foot bed. Bloody predictive text.

Andrew W said...

Yep, Amazon.
Had to go with Yellow/Green.
But that should clash very nicely with my Red Aran Smock :-)

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