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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walk on.

Two more walks done, (only short Conrad). With a trip to the consultant in between.
I looked out of the front bedroom window this morning to see a bright day and blue sky. A quick breakfast and i was away. What i really should have done was look out of the back bedroom window because from there the view would have been black clouds and a definite promise of rain.

I was going to leave my waterproof at home but i'm glad i didn't. Within 300yds of leaving it started to rain. Nothing heavy, but enough to bring on a rainbow.
I changed my route to avoid walking in the direction of the grey and wet and hoped it wouldn't follow me. The North was looking very ominous and i was pleased i wasn't heading for Scout Moor.
My route into Tandle Hill Park was one i do regularly but it doesn't matter how many times i do it i never tire of seeing it in differing light and changing seasons.

Its quite unusual for me to actually take a camera with me, being on my doorstep, but today i did and was pleased with the views.
I picked my way carefully through the beautiful copper beech leaf mold, being extra careful not to slip on the covered wet root systems. I didn't want to cause myself any ill effects. I was surprised to still see so many wonderful fungi specimens with it being so late in the season.
The squirrels were busy gathering and hiding and refused to stay still long enough to get a photo. The Jays were trying to stay unseen.

Here are a few of the fungi photo's i took today.

 This has to be one of the biggest bracket fungi that i have ever seen.
 Gently meandering through the woodland was indeed a pleasure. The light was tremendous, the leaves crisp and spinning about in the breeze. The sky was bright now with large blue patches.

 I made my way specifically up hill to see if i had any signs of pain but glad to say, nothing much.
Coming out of the woods the views across to the mast at Windy Hill seemed so close.
On the way home and passing through a farm yard i managed to get a photo of this cat. It didn't even bat an eyelid, although i think it had one eye open.
Last evening i went to see the consultant who gave me a clean bill of health and a warning to take it easy. I asked him about this "2 weeks and you will be up and running" episode and what he meant was, 2 weeks and you will be up and about. A big difference when you say it fast.
Anyway he said i could keep walking but no running for about another 3-4 weeks and then only short distances.
When i told him about this weekends 18k walk he had a bit of a sharp intake of breath moment but said if i feel ok then go for it. I am going to ache next Monday, i can feel it coming on.


Sir Hugh said...

Great stuff. It's great to be out and about - I shot off today and did another six Geocaches. Some wonderful colours in your pics.

afootinthehills said...

Glad you took your camera Alan - you got some lovely shots. I can't pick a favourite because they are all so good really.

If you do ache after your 18k walk, at least it will be from healthy exercise. Enjoy.

AlanR said...

Thanks Conrad. I never got into Geocaching but its a great way of getting to different areas. I can see the potential.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson, Thats very kind and high praise indeed. Generally i am pleased with what results i get but i need to get them a little sharper. It may be beyond the camera though, but a poor workman shouldn’t blame the tools.

Aching, i do hope you are correct.

Unknown said...

Looked a good walk by the photographs. Lovely autumnul colours. Nice to see the recovery coming along.

AlanR said...

Thanks Tookie, Its never boring whatever the season.

Dawn said...

What lovely photos Alan, really fantastic.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dawn. Much appreciated.

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