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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Outerwear zip info. FYI

By far the two most used zips in the latest outdoors shell jackets are from RiRi and YKK. If like me you have had some problems with water ingress through the zip then this info should show you why it happens. Or, even if you have experienced no problems, its still good to know the difference between them.
I came across the information months ago when i was testing the Brenig Aran smock and i added a link to the Crux site where the explanation is easy to understand.
However, i thought i should share it as a post.

Crux make high quality outdoor equipment btw and the site is worth a visit in its own right.


David said...

Interesting Alan thanks for posting it. I must admit I am still not convinced by the longevity of waterproof/resistant zips directly open to the elements. Add to that the fact I have had a zip break on the hill and then relied on the velcro storm flap to get me off, I would still only buy a waterproof jacket with a storm flap over the zip. I have been looking at getting a new jacket and only last weekend was bemoaning the fact that many jackets now lack a storm flap. Considering I am on my third pair of boots since October 2012 and the new ones are now leaking, I recon I could have some of these fashionable jackets knackered within a few weeks with my luck.

AlanR said...

Until testing the Brenig smock I was 100% with you. But I have had no problems with any ingress and therefore I have relaxed my view. Brenig are using the Riri.
Shells that have storm flaps are becoming few and far between but one or two can still be found. Rab's Bergan for example.

AlanR said...

David, what boots are you using that has resulted in 3 pairs since late 2012?.

AlanR said...

David, I did get your comment on boot problems. However when I hit the publish button it got deleted. I'm really sorry. I have now deleted Firefox, enough is enough.

David said...

Luckily I wrote most of the post out in word first and it was in my recycle bin.
The 3 pairs are: One pair of Mammut Mt Centry which lasted from October 2012 until around the end of February 2013. They leaked pretty much from day one, were tested by Mammut and I was given a full refund via the shop I got them from - Blacks.

One pair of Meindl GT bought in March which were replaced in I think early September by Meindl via the Climbers shop, again due to leaking badly (I noticed the problem in June but used them in Iceland in August rather than trash new boots). I noticed the replacement had started leaking but a stick has since penetrated the outer material of the tongue about half way up so no chance of replacement now.

A mixture of bad luck, hard use and defects perhaps, but as far as the Meindl boots go I suspect poor quality and badly fitting insoles rubbing away the Goretex lining is to blame.

AlanR said...

Thanks David for the re-comment. You have had some bad luck with good boots too. Funny you should mention that about insole rubbing the membrane. When I got my Super feet footbeds I wondered if the hard plastic would rub the membrane. Still OK at this minute. I have had them about 3 months. And also Meindl quality! I had to have my Softlines replaced as the sole was departing from the boot within 10 miles of use. Luckily my second pair have been OK.

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