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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clas Ohlson Tegera 447 winter gloves by Ejendals -AB

Bought from Manchester Arndale branch 2 weeks ago.
Reason. Inexpensive waterproof winter glove, nice fit, Thinsulate warm, looked well made and the specification of "All round winter use".

First time out was in heavy continuous rain for about 2 hours. I had taken a bit of a tumble on some slippery grass and the gloves got a soaking due to my hands taking the strain of the fall. Even so they kept me warm. I let them dry out naturally as the palm and fingers are Goatskin.

I then coated the leather with some RM Williams leather treatment to give them some extra protection. I decided to turn the gloves inside out to air them properly and was shocked to see what i can only describe as totally shoddy workmanship.  Stitching adrift in numerous places and where it was attached the quality was dreadful. Obviously Quality Control was non existant otherwise these would never have left the factory like this.

The waterproof membrane was “Loose”, unattached in places and didn’t go up the fingers.
I really am speechless as to how these gloves can be classed as waterproof without some sort of label to say what that means in this instant.
They can only be waterproof until that time that water has soaked in enough to pass the fingers where there is no membrane. The time will be short.

I would not like to take these gloves out on a serious winter walk. You could end up in a bad way.
I wish i could find the receipt because i would take them back.

Here are a few images of how poor the quality is, Ejendals-AB who make the Tegera range should be ashamed.
 Poor quality stitching and finish. All round shoddy work.

 Thumb almost detached and a piece missing from the membrane.


Quinn said...

Hello - I saw the title of your post in Northern Pie's sidebar, and hopped right over because I need a pair of warm, waterproof gloves for my outdoor chores, and would love a recommendation. Good gracious, now I know which brand NOT to buy! Thank you!

AlanR said...

Hi Quinn, We have a saying here that goes “Buy cheap, you will buy twice”. In this instance it’s correct. I’m sure that with all your cold States, i.e. Alaska as well as New England that you will be able to find some excellent winter gloves at prices far lower than what we get in Europe.
Just popped over to your web page and it looks great. I’m sure Sheila will also pop over for some recipe’s. Thanks.

BG! said...

Wow, they do look like total crap! I'd take them back for a refund anyway, a receipt isn't needed - when an item fails, is found to be sub-standard or is found to be not fit-for-purpose, shops do not have the right to demand a receipt. A debit/credit card slip, account statement or even the say-so of a person who was present when the products were purchased, are legally enough.

Next time you have £15 to fritter away on gloves, try these little beauties:

AlanR said...

Believe it or not Stef i actually have 2 pairs of those gloves and from Snowshepherd too. One of them i cut the “Fur” off the outside and re-glued the inner to the outer. That pair now fits under the sleeve of my shell jacket. They work exceptionally well, no mistake about that.
The only reason i don’t use them on a general basis is the bulk and the colour. I was once told by a dog walker, who’s dog wouldn’t stop barking at me, that he was barking at the gloves.
I bought the Tegera’s because of the low bulk and from the outside they do look quality.
Thanks for the info on returning shoddy goods, i will remember it. Sheila has them now for gardening so it’s just a £15 lesson learned.

Dawn said...

That is terrible Alan, really shoddy workmanship. Have you considered the idea of army surplus gloves gloves?

BG! said...

Sheila has them now for gardening...
Well, I had no idea that they'd have that effect. I'll get a pair ASAP to see if they work on SWMBO, it's high-time she did some work on the garden :-)

AlanR said...

Oh Yes. I hate gardening but Sheila loves it. She can spend hours doing the jobs i should be doing. Get some and see if they have the same effect. I make a good coffee though whilst watching from the kitchen window.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dawn. I do have good winter gloves now. You may remember the episode last year when i struggled to find a decent pair without paying the earth. Well i bought 2 pairs of those gloves which Stef as highlighted in his comment. They are exceptionally good.
I also was lucky enough to pick up a pair of OR Arete's from the Snow and Rock sale.
In fact i notice that they have them on sale this year too here.'s-arete-glove/outdoor-research/ski-snowboard-outdoor-sports/fcp-product/17243?listing=true
Tremendous value at £30 because they have a first class liner glove which you can use throughout the year.

Xtreemgear said...

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AlanR said...

Thats what blogging is about. Sharing info. Cheers.

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