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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Multimat Adventure Superlite 25 Sleeping Mat

 As mats go i have enough to last me a lifetime. Various types and weights. I am not going to show them here because someone might add up all the costs!

I came across this Multimat 25 and at first glance just thought that the price was good for such a mat and i was just about to move on and look elsewhere when i thought some readers might be interested.

The thing that immediately struck me, was for D of E kids or those on tight budgets or maybe even for cycle touring or even just base camping.
 No, it’s not the lightest of mats at 503grams but it’s not ridiculous either when you consider its a full length mat and it excels in the fact that the Tog rating is a high 4.02. A 4 season rating.

Now i believe that’s a decent spec. and all for the price of £24.99.
I remember my first Thermarest mat which was 3/4 length and not as warm as this one weighed almost a kilo.

The link is here if anyone is interested at all.

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