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Monday, November 3, 2014

Walna Scar Shepherds Meet 2014

Another year and another Shepherds Meet. First weekend in November is when this particular meet is held. It varies in venue from three areas which provide the Heaf. A heaf is the area of fellside that is remembered by the Herdwick sheep. When sheep stray onto a neighbour's heaf, they are gathered and returned at the “Meet". Well that’s what used to happen before the days of Land Rover and trailers.

Today it’s about showing your best stock, winning the coveted silverware, having good crack, (that’s slang for chatting btw), downing a few beers and maybe settling an old score or two.

Sheila and i help out as best we can and give something back to the local’s who have contributed to us enjoying the area so much. We helped man the gates, relieving folk of a few quid upon entry to the event.

Friday night we arrived at The Newfield Inn in Seathwaite which had a Halloween Party going in full swing. It was 18 degrees C outside and with the pub being very full the heat was almost unbearable.
It was nice to chat with so many locals and to see them enjoying the event.

Saturday we headed off to Torver where the Meet was to take place. Usually the HQ is The Church House pub but it has now closed down. The village hall took on the hordes for lunch and The Wilson’s Arms took on the evening event of Singing, poetry reading and of course the beer swilling.
Cloud over Old Man of Coniston from Broughton Moor.

On the event field the Shepherds were having their Herdwick’s and Swaledales judged and had made an early start. Later the hound trail folk arrived for their racing day. Alan Linnet had a display of photographs of past Meets and there was also a Pet competition as well as a Shepherds crook judging. The homemade cakes and biscuits, tea and coffee all went down well as did the lunch provided by The chef and staff from The Wilsons.

Weather wise we were lucky. We had a heavy shower in the morning and then one which included hail later in the afternoon but for the best part it was fine. The later one had some running for cover but as is the norm the Shepherds and the sheep carried on in the sousing rain as though it didn’t matter.

List of winners and categories will be published. TBA

Here are a few photo’s from the event field and surrounding countryside.
 Anthony Hartley and Andrew Birkett and Herdwick's, Turner Hall Farm Seathwaite.
 A trio of Herdwick tups
 Showing Swaldales. (David Cooper fence dancing)
 The Old Man of Coniston
 Shepherd’s crook
 Trophy stall
 Showing and Judging.
 The pet competition
 Overall Herdwick Champion. Glen Wilkinson from Tilberthwaite.
 By hook or by crook
 Just Champion Herdwick
Harter Fell in Mist from The Cross.


  1. They are a bonny bunch those Herdwicks.

  2. I keep promising myself....I'll go one year, honest!


  3. Next year is at The Blacksmiths Arms in Broughton Mills. I think you called in here with Messrs Sloman and co. A little while ago.

  4. The Church House Inn at Torver has reopened, now under freehold ownership and with a very good management team. The Shepherds Meet without the Kirk'us just ain't right!

    1. That's great news David. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. My pleasure, Alan. I run the village email service and manage the Torver website (, and I'll get news of the Meets for all three venues as it comes available. This year it will be at the Blacksmith's Arms, Broughton Mills on 7th November and I'll post information on here when I get it.

    3. We will be there on the gate taking monies.

    4. Sorry Alan, didn't realise you were that close.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sorry, messed that up a bit. I am the Hideous Dwarf. That's an actual photograph.

    1. Nice one. Yes we have supported the Meet for best part of 30 years. Giving something back to the people that have made us so welcome.


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