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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A little sunshine helps.

A flight on time for a change brought us to Keffalinia Greece. The hottest September here for 50 years we are told. We don't mind. However with the heat also comes the storms and wow did we have one. It started about 9.00pm and lasted all night. The last flash of lightening was at 8.00am. I have not been in an electrical storm as powerful as this one. Fantastic to watch.
Next day was cloudy but still warm. Today back to hot and blue sky.

It was so good to meet up again with Spiros, Miki, Maja and sad to find out the sad loss of Spiros and Miki's father earlier this year. As it happens Spiros and Maja have had a little boy and named him Costa after his dad.
I have known the family for 33 years. Time flies and we all get older.
Now to have a beer or 2 or maybe 3 even.

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Dawn said...

Have a wonderful time Alan, enjoy!

AlanR said...

will do.

Phreerunner said...

Have a great time Alan, and hope to see you next week...

AlanR said...

Cheers Martin. Dont mention sun. Just had 24hr storm. Just got electricity back after the island blackout. First time we have been able to swim on a main road. Lots of hotels snd homes flooded. Landslips and collapsed roads. The sea is brown and our pool is full of mud. Pics to follow later.

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