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Monday, October 26, 2015

A bit of Nostalgia.

Years go by faster than we think and we take lots of photo’s that stay out of sight. Then one day you come across a few and have a laugh or cry as the case may be.
So here are a few of mine that bring back great memories. The images are not as good as today’s digital as quality gets lost with scanning and also years ago we didn’t seem to mind too much.
 Hiking in Cradle Mountain National Park. Tasmania
 Sun going down in Wasdale.
 Hiking in The Outer Hebrides.
 Sheila’s Mum and Sister’s first experience of camping.
 The best campsite in Wasdale.
 Fully loaded on Wainwrights Coast to Coast.
 Never to be forgotten. My visit to Hiroshima peace park.
 Hiking across Norway. Besseggen Ridge.
 A very cold night out Hiking with Sheila and Martin Banfield.
 Finishing the 2014 TGO Challenge.

 2 photo’s above. One of the most windy nights i have been camping in. On the slopes of Cadair Idris.
 Our Special Day.
 When i was fit and used to fell run.
 After a rainy ascent of Crib Goch we came out to a wonderful experience on Snowdon.
 Our two girls.
Lisa, youngest daughter. Fell running in Hiking boots. Sat at the summit of Scafell.

Where did all that time go.


Dawn said...

What amazing photos, great stuff

AlanR said...

Cheers Dawn. It’s hard to pick out those that had an impact from so many great moments.

Alan Sloman said...

There are certainly some fond memories there, Al.
When are you next applying for the TGO Challenge?

AlanR said...

Not sure Al. We was hoping to do 2016 but Sheila has changed her hours to a shorter week and so has lost some holiday entitlement. Also, she cannot get the time off in one go to complete the challenge. I have a route planned and i suppose i could do it myself but that is a little unfair. We will see.

Sir Hugh said...

That's set my day off to a good start - your enthusiasm for the outdoors shines through. When I look back to the mid to late 50s and early 60s, before and after leaving school, I didn't even have a camera and the few photos I have came from others, all in black and white, but hey are priceless to me. I have made up for it since. My Mac tells me my Picture file as 40,000 plus items occupying 152gb - that is beyond belief - can it really be true?

AlanR said...

Most of my early years were spent hiking abroad during the 4 weeks works shutdowns. We had to plan it properly then and it took lots of time, no internet then. I got into fell running but not overly serious and then climbing. Backpacking has always been my love, whatever the weather and that love of camping in the wild has never left me.
I think its time to put your photographs in the cloud and free up some computer memory.

afootinthehills said...

Great photos Alan, including those scanned from slides. Thanks for sharing them.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson.

Gayle said...

A lovely set of photos, with snippets of the stories behind them. As someone who has always enjoyed looking at other people's photos, I rather enjoyed this post :-)

AlanR said...

Thats nice to know. Thanks.

Phreerunner said...

I've arrived a bit late but very much enjoyed this posting. Some fine memories, although I don't recall that night in the Lakes being 'cold'!
Great stuff...

AlanR said...

We only took our summer sleeping bags and it was frosty.

Phreerunner said...

Ah yes, I had my RAB 400. And I've just put that in a bag that I'm currently packing, after taking out the 'summer bag'!

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