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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Merino NuYarn Tee Update

I did an initial review of this new Merino material back at the end of August 2015 when the Tee Shirt arrived from New Zealand. Here
I have been quite surprised at how much interest it created and how many folk have messaged me to see how it was holding out.

I’ve worn it quite extensively both on hiking days and also just for everyday wear. 

The material is new and isn’t widely available yet here in UK. However the manufacturers claim some fantastic features over the standard Merino that we have become to love or hate as the case may be. 
I for one like Merino but i’m not overjoyed with the feel when its sweaty and i have found that it is easy damaged by rucksacks. I have numerous Merino tees and so the comparison i make is against various companies offerings. Icebreaker, Trekmates, Katmandu for example.

The Nuyarn is said to have the following advantages against std Merino.

  • 35% Comfier. The material is said to loft better.
  • 35% Stretchier.
  • 5 x Faster drying times.
  • 35% Warmer.
  • 47% Stronger.
  • 120% Tougher seams.
As a customer who paid for this garment himself i have no reason to make it out to better or worse than it is. My view is purely from a users point of view and not under lab conditions or controls. 

35% Comfier. 
The loft is far better and it feels in some ways that its a double layer. That’s the best way to explain it. It is great to wear on it’s own as a Tee Shirt, rather than it just being a simple base layer. 
If the % is only 35% better, then to me it feels more like 50%.

35% Stretchier. 
I think the amount of stretch in this material is amazing. Again if its only 35% then to me it feels more. I would say that choosing the size that suits the individual is going to be a “Try before you buy”scenario.

5 x Faster drying.
At this i disagree greatly. 
When you expect the garment to dry 5 times faster than a std Merino tee then you are almost expecting the water to disappear in front of your eyes. I have tested this out against all my tee shirts and of varying weights and the difference is minimal. I would even go as far as to say there is no difference. So where the 5 times faster has been calculated i don’t know.
I did find that it wicked sweat away from the skin better than std Merino and you don’t get that hard feeling in your armpits.

35% Warmer.
I can go along with this. It seems about right. An ideal base layer for winter and a good all rounder for the rest of the year. If you feel the cold then this top will suit you as part of the layering system.

47% Stronger. 
I am surprised that it’s only 47% stronger than std Merino. It certainly feels much stronger. My thoughts are that it’s pretty tough and rugged. I do wonder what would happen if it got snagged and torn? I wonder if the hole would just get bigger and bigger. This is just a thought after all there is a lifetime guarantee with this Tee shirt.

120% Tougher seams. 
I was a bit disappointed that ALL the seams are not flat locked. Some are, some are not. This may vary from company to company as more garments become available. However, the raised seams havn’t bothered me one bit. I have never felt any negativity towards them. They are fine. As for the strength of the seam i have no opinion. Its not easy for a customer to check this out.

In summary, the only thing i have found to disagree with is the drying times. The material is far better in all other aspects than std Merino. It doesn’t Pill either. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting another one.


afootinthehills said...

Sounds good Alan. Pity it isn't available in the UK. I keep putting holes in my Icebreakers.

AlanR said...

It wont be long before it is.

Walter Akkermans said...

thanks for the article and update

AlanR said...

Cheers Walter, thanks for all your interest and comments.

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