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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Custom Cone Windshield for Meths stoves.

Thanks to JJ for the heads up  on this new split cone windshield.

I have a cone windshield already for my 600ml Evernew pot and i am more than happy with it. However when i come to need a bigger capacity pot for when two of us are backpacking i fudge the windshield to suit.

Then after numerous emails to JJ about cones, i decided to get one of these custom made split cones which is designed around my 1.1L Toaks pot. It was on ebay here.

So today i tried it out with my 12-10 stove. I didn’t purchase the stove that is otherwise supplied with it.
It boiled 500ml of tap water in almost exactly the same time as it does with my smaller cone 7.6 minutes.
The nice thing about having the split cone is that it all fits very neatly into the pot and therefore eliminates  a possible 2nd container.
Here are a few photo’s that show the cone and the total impressive weight of 232 grams all in.

The two halves of the cone are easily put together and are well engineered.

The total weight included.
Toaks 1.1L pot and lid.
12 - 10 burner and protective cover/douser.
Split cone windshield.
Ground heat reflector.
There was still plenty of room in the pot left to put in a fire stick and a small bottle of meths and a J cloth.(Not a JJ cloth, thats something completely different)


  1. I like the look of that, the possibility of storing everythnig in the pot is great. Thanks for sharing Alan.

    1. Thats what blogging is for Al. Glad you like it.

  2. Is the 12-10 douser / protective cover your own addition to the stove Alan?

    1. Hi JJ. Yes, it started life as a Pâté tin from Aldi. Aluminium, lined to protect the food. I have a spare one if you want it. It weighs next to nothing.

  3. Updated now Alan.

  4. Thanks Norman I will pop over for a look.


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