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Thursday, July 7, 2016

For you Conrad.

A Goliath Grader from the 1950's. A proper relic.
 Of course it will be safe near the canon.
 A Coofee, yes, 3 cups please.
Rusty old Fordson Major.


Dawn said...

Gosh Alan, how on earth will you get that one in your back garden??????????????
By the by, there is a photo somewhere on one of my recent blogs of a huge tracked tractor.

AlanR said...

You wouldn't get that in my back garden, thats for sure. I remember that tractor Dawn, i think it was a John Deere 8295RT.

Sir Hugh said...

Thanks Alan. They will be hijacked to my computer when I get back. I'm keeping my eyes open but this walk doesn't seem to through much tractor land - it's all sea on the right.

AlanR said...

Aye aye captain.

John J said...

Nowt like a decent cup of cooffee!

AlanR said...

cooudn't agree more.

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