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Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 4

If only my day looked like the photo. My day is grey raining and very humid. I'm in Coniston and now have that big hill to do going passed the Sun Inn. Yuk. Over the Walna Scar into the Duddon Valley. Let's hope the weather improves a bit.
Oh yes. If anyone reads that I am staying at Coniston Hall campsite again you will know I have lost the plot.


  1. Not surprised to hear you are heading for the Duddon valley. I believe it is t the top of your list in the LD.

  2. The first time we stayed at Coniston Hall campsite, the people next to us has a wind-up gramophone. Fortunately I was so tired that night that they didn't keep me awake. The second (and last) time we stayed there I encountered a peacock roosting on a stall divider in the ladies, which came of something of a surprise.

  3. Ah yes, Coniston Hall campsite,mmhh, I do not wish to be impolite but, well,, I would prefer to avoid.

  4. Conrad. I think I was born in the Duddon Valley in a previous life. It's like a magnet to me.

    Gayle you were lucky to get into the toilets, I had to walk to a cafe, there were that many people with so few facilities. Horrendous.

    Al. I couldn't agree more.

    Dawn, oh go on be impolite, just this once.


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