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Sunday, June 3, 2018

A short break in Norway.

Thanks to some wonderful friends and neighbours who are making sure Sheila’s mum is ok. We managed to get to Bergen. The journey which we booked with Norwegian airways was a traumatic event as we only had 20 minutes between transfers in Stavanger. We should have had a least an hour. It was chaos and very stressful.
Our bus trip to the hotel cost £25 for 2 adults. We should have got the rail it would have been £7.80. Hindsight is indeed wonderful.
The weather has been absolutely roasting. The hottest May on record. We are not complaining unlike the Norwegians who cannot have barbecues due to fire risk.
We have probably walked about 20km so far and we are finding Bergen to be a very vibrant, friendly and clean place even if it is so expensive in comparison to Manchester.
Tomorrow we plan on doing some short walking trails.


Mark said...

I hope the weather holds fair. Enjoy your walks.

Sir Hugh said...

Good to hear you are getting a break I was there in 1960. We (that me with Pete, my now 83 year old Thuersday walking pal) took the Oslo Bergen railway halfway then crossed the fiord to get up into the Jotunheim where we walked for several days ascending Galdhoppingen.

Dawn said...

Great to see you both having a break. A Lovely, if expensive, country.

AlanR said...

Cheers Mark. It seems to be.

AlanR said...

I did a very similar trip in the 1980s.
This is turning out to be a nice restful break.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dawn. We sure needed a break. We are not doing too much because we need to chill out. We are strolling everyday just doing between 8-16 km. stopping many times.

Gayle said...

Between these updates and Shiela's Facebook updates, it seems that you'be been having a really good trip.

I'm envious of the weather. We were in Bergen a few days before the end of July last summer, at which point city was predicted to beat a long-held weather record by having rain on every day of the month.

AlanR said...

We can’t believe it either. My 2 tee shirts have never been washed so much. And my poor old socks......

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