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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Blorenge, a fine hill walk.

I’m keeping this short and sweet so hopefully blogger will accept it.

A lovely day hike with lots of industrial archeology from the mining industry.Tramroads, railways, quarries, ponds and much more. Millions of years ago the area was under water and there’s still evidence of sea bed in the stones strewn everywhere. The paths are good and scenery stunning. But boys was it flipping cold. 5 layers on today.


  1. I like walks like this one but there aren't that many around here or if there are, I'm unaware. It was very cold here yesterday too and literally freezing the day before. Good to see you getting out again Alan.

    1. Thanks Gibson. Fantastic area if you want to search out the past lives of people during the industrial revolution.
      Sunny here but chills you to the bone.


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