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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Northumberland Coast Path Pt. 5

Beadnell Bay to Bamburgh. Day.5.  18th March 2020.

Beadnell Bay seems to be doubling in size. Maybe the local council is rubbing its hands at all the new council tax it will be getting.

The caravan park is huge too and we walked through it yesterday. It was a depressing walk and unless you needed to fill a water bottle I would give it a miss.

We noticed that the car park attendant was extremely efficient and going off the smile on his face he loved his job. But, we have always said that if you park knowingly flouting the rules then there is nobody to blame but yourself. If everyone parked correctly we would put these guys out of a job, but I don't think that will happen soon.

We stopped on the outskirts of the town at a small store and bought a few goodies.
We noticed across the road from the store an Art Deco property. And very nice too.

This part of the coast path is a bit monotonous, a road walk into Seahouses before hitting the coast again near Sunderland Point.
Incoming tide at Sunderland Point.
The Harbour

Seahouses is a large sprawling town with loads of Caravan Parks. It has everything you need, from shops, entertainment and transport. It also has a way out. 
The path is rather odd as it heads back inland behind Seahouses before turning north across agricultural land and dunes heading for Bamburgh. 
We didn't follow the path, but headed for the beach. I should really stop saying we headed for the beach because we have done that every day. The beach is so much more pleasant and as long as you watch the tides its a far better experience.
Sanderling at Islestones
We went up to the Castle attendant and asked if they were open as now most of the tourista spots were closed due to the Corona virus. The castle was open as normal. Privately owned you see. 
As it was now mid afternoon we decided we would have a day off tomorrow and visit the castle. £11.75 each to get in.

As it happens, we never did go in the castle. All will be reviewed in the next post.
Sorry, no tractors today and not many pictures.


  1. That Art Deco house is superb. That was undoubtedly a unique architectutal style and this example is showing it at its best. It is essential with that kind of modernism to have sharp clean lines and that property is obviously so well maintained. Compare that with the rubbish modern day mock Tudour and the like housing styles, and we are still using the same basic methods from two hundred years ago with not as much attention to energy ssving as could be employed - surely all new build housing should incorporate solar elctricity by law? Oops! sorry for ranting off the subject on your blog.

  2. That house does stand out among the rest of the houses. The new builds look like lego town. I don't disagree with you about solar energy especially on the coast. But the grants have stopped and so has solar. There are some fantastic houses along this coast though.
    I like the German kit houses myself, but need a lottery win to achieve that goal. maybe start a toilet roll shop.


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