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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Northumberland Coast Path. Pt.2

Alnmouth to Boulmer.  Day 2. 15th March 2020.

NCP - The bridge across the River Aln. 


After yesterdays glorious weather we were pleased that todays weather was similar. It was clear skies, bright, but hellishly windy and cold. That cold that cuts you in half. We had quite a few layers on.

Alnmouth was quiet but parking here is very limited. The chances of parking in the town are almost nil but there is some parking along the beach just off the golf course.

Walking around Alnmouth is worth doing and it won't take long. Lots of historic buildings. At this time of year there wasn't much open anywhere except a few coffee shops so we had to give one a try. The Old Bakery, they had gunpowder green tea so a pot of that was had and an extremely large tea cake which we shared.
Alnmouth Village.

We came across what must be the smallest museum in UK. The Old Ferryman's hut. Lots of memorabilia and photographs of when the ferry took people across the Aln river.

The ferry which rowed 6 people max across the river stopped in the 1960's when John Brown retired. 
His hut now a museum.

Alnmouth golf club invites non members into the cafe for refreshments and from there you can pick up the coast path.
Again, as yesterday, there is the official path or the beach plod. Today is was a bit of both. The middle section of todays walk is effected by the tide so a quick look at the tide times before setting off can be advantageous and save a back track.

The golf course section is quite hilly and I guess these players are fit guys. We chose the beach again but at times we did have to go through the course.

On the beach it got very windy so it was good to find shelter at times within the dunes. The golf course had loads of signs up which were not welcoming unlike the signs at the club house where you were spending money.
Plenty of people out today, guided walking groups and loads of dog walkers.

 Working our way around the bunkers. 
 Along the way there are numerous caravan parks and although most were closed the outside water taps were still working. Very helpful on a warm day or a backpack.
 Beach Art
 A less windy spot for lunch
 Common Ringed Plover
On the approach to Boulmer the tide in the Haven was out and a couple of boats were grounded. Fishermen were digging for bait. Boulmer is the home to an RAF base and has an inshore lifeboat station manned by volunteers.
Boulmer is a small village but in the summer its numbers swell with the caravan park and numerous holiday cottages. The one pub, The Fisherboat Inn is a friendly place with good beer and great food. An overnight stay at the pub is a bit on the expensive side though.
We had our first base in the village.


bowlandclimber said...

Thanks for writing these up despite your disappointment of having to abort.
Lovely looking walk. I did the excellent St. Cuthbert's Trail a few years ago which links up and always meant to go back.
Gives some encouragement for future projects when all is over.

AlanR said...

BC, thanks for your comment. The St Cuthbert's way and the NCP are closely related. It is a magnificent part of the world for scenery. We were only saying ourselves, can you imagine what it would be like if it was less windy and warmer. It would be the Med.
So lets hope it gets left alone. We will go back.

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