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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kefalonia, Category 2 Hurricane or Medicane as it is known here.

 We have been to Kefalonia most years since 1984. Its a beautiful and friendly island with stunning beaches and food. It's where we call our second home.

During our visits we have experienced stormy days, torrential rain, fires, hail but to experience a Cat.2 Hurricane is a completely different ball game. I'm kind of glad we have been through it because now we know first hand the power of nature and the destruction it causes. Wind speeds and therefore the driven rain reached 194km/hr with daily rainfall of 644mm. We are just relieved that the majority of damage is collateral. I have not heard of a death which in itself is a miracle as you will see as you progress through the images. I hope I don't give an impression of trivialisation because believe me this was hell. Some people are still stranded and have nothing.

Most of the images are mine but some are from Kefalonia focus. We couldn't get around the island because of the damage. Thankfully the airport remained open and we flew back to UK as scheduled.

When we left the State of Emergency had been declared and the Greek Army was on its way to help restore what it can. Some electricity had been restored but many parts of the island we still without basic essentials. 

Nature also suffered badly. We had a Swallow fly in through a tiny toilet window, perched on an ornament for 3 hours and then flew out again. We heard of this type of story a lot. 


afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan and Sheila. Firstly let me say that we are both glad you are now home and safe. The photographs show horrendous scenes and it must have been pretty frightening to be in the midst of such a storm. Now you can settle down for another bit of ‘lockdown’ but take heart: anything Boris can do, Nicola can do more of and for longer with no dissent from the Holyrood parliament either. Loved the swallow flying in and staying for three hours.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson. I’ve witnessed how Greece deal with the pandemic and it is so much better than here. I will be making my own rules from now on. Kefalonia has next to no virus.
The swallow was wonderful, it was as though it said thank God, shelter. You could go right to it, it didn’t move it just slept and when refreshed, flew away.

Sir Hugh said...

I echo Marin's comments and am glad to hear you are back safely.

AlanR said...

Thanks Conrad.

Phreerunner said...

Wow! I echo Gibson's comments.
Welcome to England's gentle Autumn.

Sir Hugh said...

Oops! I seem to have had Martin and Gibson mixed on my mind AGAIN.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin. We went for a quiet time. We never expected this. But, we’ve been there and done it now. Not sure I’m glad to be back in England. It’s madness here.

AlanR said...

I knew what you meant Conrad.

Kevin Randolph said...

Great readingg this

AlanR said...

The pictures say it all Kevin. Thanks for the comment.

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