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Friday, September 25, 2020

In search of a good read?

 Bothy Tales by John D Burns.

I took this book on holiday with me and found it a really good read. Its very light hearted and the author has got a great sense of humour. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the tales.

It's about a couple of guys adventures, walking in Scotland and visiting many of the countries bothies. It covers many years of hiking from being youths when carrying far too much gear was seen as tough rather than idiotic to getting older when carrying a day sack is too much. 

The stories will resonate with many of you and without giving away the tales I would recommend you get it and take it with you when you are next out backpacking. It's not a heavy book so it won't feel like your carrying a brick. 

Enjoy it like I did.


afootinthehills said...

I haven’t read it Alan but “I can move only with the aid of barrels of anti-inflammatory gel ... and sticking plasters.....” rings a bell at the moment!

afootinthehills said...

Sorry Alan - no idea why comment appears three times. Seems to happen a lot when I use Firefox on the phone.

AlanR said...

Your situation sounds bad, what have you done?

afootinthehills said...

I don’t really know what happened Alan but it started with a very stiff neck about six weeks ago. Then I developed excruciating pain in my shoulders after about 3 or 4 miles carrying a rucksack. It has improved dramatically over the last few days so I’m hoping it will soon be resolved. The plasters were needed because my trail shoes need binned!

AlanR said...

Sorry to hear that. Ive suffered in the past with frozen shoulder so I know how painful it can be. Glad you are feeling some improvement. I had to laugh at your "plasters", I envisaged some sort of physio dressings. Poor old trainers.

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