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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Trail Designs Caldera Kit.

 19th June 2024.

I am reluctantly selling my Stove System.

…………..NOW SOLD …………..

It consists of The Trail Designs Caldera Cone, Aluminium,  which is made the suit the Evernew Eca251 600ml UL pot in Titanium, included.

Also there is a brand new unopened 12-10 methylated spirit stove.

Methylated spirit bottle.

Original screw thread fastening container.

Used, except for new burner.

As shown below. All in good condition.

£50 the lot including post and packing., I think this is a reasonable price considering a new pot alone would be £50. All new would be in the region of £120

Any questions, please leave in the comments below. Thanks.

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