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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Latest Acquisition

Last week i went into Clas Ohlson store in Manchester. Just mooching round looking for new items of lightweight gear, i saw this small tent made by Asaklitt.
No i have never heard of them either. The tent was of similar design to The NF Tadpole. Thats what caught my eye.

There was no information about it and it wasn't in the shop catalogue. I picked up the tent and it was a reasonable weight. The price tag said £39.99
They had one erected so i had a good look around it.
First thing that grabbed my attention was the bathtub groundsheet it looked excellent. Not cheap and nasty but very similar to my Odyssee.
All the seams both on the groundsheet and the Fly were taped. The poles were Alloy.
The inner was of mixed material of nylon and mesh with a double skin door, nylon and a zipped mesh.
It looks a good tent, especially for the price.
So having now got back from the lakes i have erected it in the garden and weighed all the component bits.
It weighs in total 3 kilo's. Not backpacking light but ideal for touring, cycling or just throwing in the car for base camps etc. and it can be split into 2 even packs to share the load.

There are some pictures below to have a look at.
Now that i have had chance to appraise it properly i think it's excellent value for money.

              There is plenty of space inside. 2 people sharing don't even have to be good friends, it's that roomy.

Some dimensions that i measured are as follows:- Inner, Front to back -- 2.13 metres. Inner - width at widest point 1.5m, Inner - height 1.12m. Inner -narrowest point 0.71m.

Porch width at widest point-  1.28m, Porch front to back 0.7m, Width at door - 0.8m.
There is also a small hood at the top of the door so that the outer door can be opened when it's raining, for added ventilation.
You get a brochure with the tent which is in perfect, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. Nothing is in English, but i managed to work out that the Flysheet has a 4000mm specification and the groundsheet has a 5000mm spec.
 When everything is packed away the overall size of the package is very good and i have put a photo below against a size 8 (42) training shoe for comparison purposes.
This tent cost me £39.99. Yes that's right £39.99!
Yes it's a too heavy for backpacking unless there are 2 of you sharing and just away for a weekend with little food, but it's fantastic value for money.
It has not been used in anger yet, obviously, but i don't have any doubts that it will be fine in the wind and rain.
More to follow later.


Anonymous said...

Price now £25 !! like you not tested it yet but it appears to be a good bit of kit . I m/cycle and carry a bit of gear around so size of tent looks perfect . K12man
P.S. thanks for pics , i'm no good with Scandinavian language

AlanR said...

I have tested it, a couple of times, and in some foul weather and quite high winds and its one of the most sturdiest tents i have ever been in. Honestly.
It’s perfect for M/cycling. £25. That’s fantastic.
I was in the shop yesterday in Manchester but they didn’t have any as far as i could see.
You won’t be disappointed with it thats for sure.

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