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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A mad week

We are off to Scotland tomorrow, heading for Loch Ard, Aberfoyle. We are in general terms following the Rob Roy way to Pitlochry and then up to Blair Athol. In between we will be doing a few tops.
There is no defined plan apart from the start point. We want to enjoy the area so it will not be rushed.

I say it's been a mad week because as we all know getting the gear together for a two week trip is fraught with doubts about the packing list and food organisation.
Also my Imac has now gone back to be fixed. It turned out to be a failing LCD screen and the connecting cable.
Should be due back early next week, so need to organise that delivery.

Just started making up the food parcel for delivery to Balquhidder when i realised the muesli  supply was too low. I also needed some smug mugs for lunches. So off we went to Tesco, our nearest large supermarket.
We picked up our few items and went to the checkout where we was told Tesco are not supplying bags anymore. Well behind us was a couple with a huge shop being laid out on the conveyor. Chaos was looming large. Why no bags they asked. Management decision came the reply. So what are we supposed to do with all this then? I can get you some boxes the cashier said.
Well i won't go on because you can imagine the rest of it.

So Tesco have gone green. But they are being a little short sighted because they presume that everybody who shops there has a car (how green is that) so they can push to trolley to the boot and unload the cart.
How stupid can Tesco get.
I agree that plastic bags need to be reduced drastically but not everybody carries cotton bags around with them all the time. Some bags of either card, paper or whatever still need to be provided for the customer.

It's been quite a while since we have been in Tesco but we won't be going there again soon.
This is not an isolated branch, we were told this is going to happen nationally, so be warned, make sure that if you shop at Tesco to take plenty of bags with you.

So food parcel is now packed and addressed, rucksack nearly finished. I'm sure i have  forgot something. I had better go and check.


Free Landscaping said...

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AlanR said...

FL. Thanks for your comment. Glad the mad week is now over and we are now in Scotland.

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