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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A walk in the park

Yesterday turned out a better day weather wise than had been forecast. I kept looking out expecting rain but it just kept getting brighter.
Having a couple of hours to spare i decided to go for a walk into my local park. Tandle hill country park.

It's a nice place to stroll through, with many deciduous trees, mostly Beech and the ground is a mixture of sand and peat. There are fixed walks along tarmac paths which end up at the needle monument to the war dead of Royton. Good views can be had across to the Roaches, Winter Hill, Blackstone edge, Jodrell bank, Derbyshire and more.
Or, you can do as i do and that is just to wander through the trees and grasses on no paths at all.

At weekends and Bank Holidays there is a small cafe open and it's very good.
Here are some photo's i took.

I think this is Field Penny Cress.

On my up to the park i came across this big lad who wasn't too happy to be photographed.
And then further up the lane i came across the Phantom Raspberry pickers.
A fallen Beech
Did he just move?
Speckled Wood butterfly
Puff balls
A furry monster
The Fly Agaric
The war Memorial to the Men of Royton.

Some of the fungi photo's have no descriptions. That is not a mistake, it's because i don't know what they are called. Any help appreciated as always.


CF Rich said...

Good snaps Alan, were they with a compact or slr? Looking at getting a new compact to save lugging "the beast" around on longer yomps but havn't got round to researching yet. The quality of these is superb!

AlanR said...

I have quite a heavy Sony cybershot digi SLR that has a great lens but it's far too heavy.
I also have a Small sony DSc-P200 which is an excellent little job, point and shoot. But like all compacts it has it's limitations.
Now that Digi SLR's have come down in weight and price to some degree i decided to invest in the Samsung NX10 with a 15-55 lens. It's this camera that i took the shots with. I am still on a learning curve with it and have to take the manual around with me.

afootinthehills said...

These are so much better than even a good (and quite expensive) compact. I have a Canon IXUS 980IS and a Panasonic TZ7 with a Leica lens but neither produce this clarity and sharpness, although they give as good results as most compacts I'd say.

I've stuck with compacts on weight grounds although used to use a Pentax 35mm SLR - great results, but just too heavy to cart about, other than on day trips.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson.
Thanks for your comment. Sorry it's taken so long to reply but we are in the lakes and the signal is intermittent.

That was my problem with the little compact. Great weight but only average pictures. The depth and sharpness was missing.
We would do a nice walk, take pictures and then be disappointed with the results.
Hence the new one. It was a bit more than i wanted to pay but we are only here once aren't we.

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