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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tarptent Moment

After many weeks of Spec checking, price checking and reading as much as possible on one man tents i am now  in possession of the Henry Shire's Moment. I had been hoping that some company would do an eVent tent or a similar type of material but it doesn't look like it's going to happen unfortunately. Why manufacturers are not doing more in this direction i don't know. TN have gone some ways towards it with the Gemini using GORE-TEX® FLO2 fabric, but i couldn't wait any longer for a solo version.

I have not had time to do a first impressions as yet and as you can imagine i can't wait to try it out.
This photo is from the new Tarptent website which is brilliant by the way. (Hope Henry doesn't mind me using the pic.)
I didn't have an arm and a leg to spend on a one man tent, like the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 at £650!
So the price of $215 for the Moment was very competitve. And at the top of the priority list was the weight. I didn't want to go over 1kg and this lot weighs 0.85kg.
I had a good conversation with Martin Banfield recently, who's very readable blog is here about the TN Laser Ultra and he has some very good views about it's positioning in the market place. Maybe more on that in a later post.
Henry tested this tent out on last years TGO challenge and by all accounts it handled everything very well.
I purchased the breathable inner liner also, which will reduce any condensation problems. But when you see all the venting on this tent the issue shouldn't be major anyway.

I also decided to buy the footprint off the Taptent Rainbow and modify it to suit the Moment as at this time there isn't a specific Moment footprint.
I would also like to thank Maz who's fine blog The Journeyman traveller is here. He kindly offered to lend me the Fly Creek UL tent to appraise before i decided. However due to circumstances i didn't get a backpacking window in February so i never took the offer up. But what a kind offer.

So i need to seam seal it now and then get out there and review it.
More to come later.


Mac E said...

Nice, I was checking out the new Tarptent website this morning and it's very good indeed.

I'm still drawn to the Rainbow though, thing is since I 1st looked at it they've been improving it and about the only concern I have now is flysheet height. I keep putting off getting one in case they bring out a version with a lower fly or even a full 2 skin version. I also like the look of the Sublite Sil.

-maria- said...

Looks nice!

It's a while since I last visited the Tarptent website so didn't know they've reshaped it. I like the new look & feel.

I have no idea why but the Sublite Sil attracts me. I've no intention to buy one in the near future as I guess I'll be very happy camping with the Odyssee and it fulfills all the needs I have right now, but... ;-)

Looking forward to your experiences with the Moment!

Dave Wood said...

Alan, I was looking at this very tent earlier today...very tempted.
I think my old Terra Nova Laser has one more TGO Challenge left in it, then it's time for a new one.
Will be interested to read your review on this one.

AlanR said...

Richard, Maria.
It was a close thing with the sublite sil and if i used walking poles it would have been an even closer call. But i don't use poles.
The rainbow just seems top heavy to me. It just looks wrong.
It might not be of course.
I also like the strength provided by the loop pole and the crossing 2nd pole.

The new website is a vast improvement especially the set up video's.

The TN range and the Akto are good tents if a little pricey.
The Vaude power lizard was a consideration. But there was so much more from the Moment and it's good to have something a little different than a green hump.
I can't wait to get out there with it.

Mac E said...

I agree with what you say, transverse single pole designs look more streamlined however you can see why I'm drawn to the Rainbow..

QDanT said...

AlanR said...

Hi Richard.
I'm sorry mate, but i just don't see it. I say this tongue in cheek but it looks like a porta loo.
If we all liked the same thing it would be a boring old world wouldn't it,

Mac E said...

Porta Loo? I'll never look at a Rainbow in quite the same way :-)

AlanR said...

I am expecting Zippy popping his head round the side at any minute.

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to read how it performs in the field. The inner liner makes it much more attractive.

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
So am i but considering Henry used it on last years TGO i think it's a safe bet to be ok.
The liner sounded an interesting addition so for $30 it was worth getting.
report to follow asap.

QDanT said...

Reply to your Reply posted
cheers Danny

Martin Rye said...

I had a email chat with Henry the other night about things and mentioned the Moment. I like it and would get one. Ideal for fast over night trips. Good buy Alan and enjoy it.

I do also like Richard wish the Rainbow had a lower flysheet as I also think it looks a fine shelter.

Anonymous said...

A little photo tour would be good ;)

AlanR said...

Your pictures are brilliant, thanks for them.

Thanks for the comments Martin. I think i need to see a Rainbow in the flesh. The pictures do nothing for me i’m afraid.

I am currently trying to fix my central heating system so that takes priority. I will get some pics done hopefully before going to Cumbria on Thursday. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'll let you off. Just this once!

Seriously, it looks an excellent tent.

AlanR said...

Its been a lovely afternoon here so i decided it would be good to get the seams sealed. (Central Heating can wait till morning).
I have taken some pics and i will load them up and do a quick post tomorrow evening.
Thanks for the comment. You pushed me into doing it.

Phreerunner said...

All very interesting Alan. I've not received a response from TN re their thoughts on a breathable solo tent. The Phreerunner lives on....

AlanR said...

I think it’s rude of Companies who don’t answer emails that are in a positive frame.
Even if it says very little like we will get back to you within a short period of time.
Surely some customers would vote with there feet or wallets elsewhere, do they not understand this.

Rant over.
Martin it does look like the Phreerunner goes on. I may be wrong but i think Black Diamond are doing a breathable single skin tent. I must check it out.

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