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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finisterre Tee shirt

A few weeks ago Millets and The Ideas Network, sent me a Finisterre Tee shirt, they never asked me to review it but i have reviewed a number of outdoor items for them so thought i would, because i do like Finisterre products.

Finisterre are a British Company based in Cornwall and as the location suggests they are more well known with surfers than mountain folk.
However there are overlaps and you will find from there product range numerous pieces of clothing that lends themselves to the hills.

Finisterre are a company that make environmentally friendly technical clothes from recycled or natural fibres, such as merino wool and organic cotton. They even have there own Merino wool sheep on a farm close by.
They also make clothes that last.

The Tee shirt above is organic cotton and there are numerous logo’s/pictures or plain available to choose from and a number of colours too. I chose the basic simple name. 
The Tee shirt is soft feel and well made with no tough seams to rub when wearing gear on top. Although not a hiking Tee shirt it’s a nice piece of kit for everyday use, holidays or a trip to the pub.
It’s machine washable at 30℃ but i would treat it more like a wool mix than just cotton and don’t tumble dry it if you want it to stay in shape.

All the dyes are environmentally friendly and it has a GOTS standard, meeting toxicological criteria. Also as part of the STD at least 70% of the material is organic and that environmental criteria and social criteria has to be met along the entire supply chain of the product.

The STD also involves much more but that is not what the review is about. If you want to read more about it, it’s here.

All in All, it is something i like to wear and it will last some time.


Greg said...

It's like a lot of stuff these days advertising the company name. Do they pay you to wear it? I dont mind smallish logos and I'm not as extreme as Ray Jardin who cuts all of them off, but I wouldnt wear that.

AlanR said...

Hi Greg,
The choice of shirt was mine entirely. I could have picked anything from the catalogue including just a plain Tee. As for my post it was done without any company input. ihave no connection what so ever to either Millets or Finisterre and i also have agreed with them that my comments both good or bad get published without censorship. That agreed, a fair exchange is no robbery as they say.

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