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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Super Delios Water Filter Supply Update.

We all are aware of the terrible problems that Mother Nature bestowed on Japan in March this year.
Well Super Delios have also been caught up in the aftermath of that tragedy.

After a few people had mentioned to me that stock was not available in the Uk, I contacted Miss Fujimoto from Delios Uk for an update on supply and timescales and below is the thorough response from her.

1st Re:- No UK Stock

Yes, Alan, it is true.
I have placed a notice on Delios UK’s website in early June.

Delios has been in overwhelming demand since the earthquake in Japan and we, both in Japan and UK, have no stock, except for several (12) Drip Delios here.

The partner in Japan notified me that the manufacturing facility we have been working for the last 10 years is having a problem, not damages from the earthquake, but overwhelming orders for production of various products, including Delios. It is a shame that they failed to prioritise our order on this occasion. However, I understand that the facility wants to deal with everyone equally.

As I noted in my previous Delios news letter, the manufacturing industry and household in Japan are also placed under electricity use restrictions, which is impacting production capacity further.

Therefore, the partner has been in the negotiation with other manufacturing facilities and they are now in the process of testing Delios filter. When you move to a new facility, you need to produce a new mold and have to go through a rigorous hygiene and safety testing process again.

I was told that it will take 2-3 months to get products for shipping.

We are having a very difficult time as we fully understand that people wanted to try Delios this holiday season.
However, we also understand that we are at the mercy of the Mother Nature.

Yes, I have no stock of Super Delios, only 12 Drip Delios left.
There is no stock in Japan.

Q2.  Can you tell me when stock is due to arrive.

I am expecting Delios to be delivered in September or so. They are doing everything they can to speed up the process.

Q3. Robin Evans, replacement bottle?

Yes, I have contacted Robin last month and explained about the situation. He kindly sent me several photos of damaged bottled, which were also forwarded to the partner in Japan. He replied to me and kindly accepted the delay of Super Delios shipping.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused to you as well as your friends, who wanted to try Delios this summer.
It is a very difficult experience for us that we cannot deliver items at this moment.

In the meantime, however, please do let me know anything you think of Delios.
Thanks so much again for your email.
Your email is always appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Yasuyo Fujimoto (Miss)
Super Delios Ltd. 

I think i am right in saying that we the customer are very pleased with the product and wish all at Delios and in Japan a speedy recovery. 
May i also thank Miss Fujimoto for a quick response to my questions.


markswalkingblog said...

Alan,thanks for the update. I can wait a few months now as I have a new filter for my Travel Tap.

AlanR said...

Hopefully not too long to wait now and maybe some of our survey comments will be included in the next design release.

-maria- said...

I ordered my Super Delios soon after the Tsunami as I had a hunch that the stock might go low at some point. Anyway, I wish the Delios and all of Japan a speedy recovery and hope the good product will be available soon again!

AlanR said...

Thanks Maria. And a very wise move.

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