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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A short walk along the Oldham Way.

  Today the light was a bit special, the clear skies and the sun being low and bright. We headed off towards Royton and picked up the Oldham Way which we followed for most of our 6 mile walk.
The colours of the Autumn foliage is amazing and this is without doubt my favourite time of year. 
  I spent most of the walk faffing around with my camera settings and thankfully it was a warm day so Sheila and Dorothy didn’t get to chilled whilst i pretended to know what i was doing and taking shot after shot of trees, fungi, shadows and of course the odd sheep.
  I am going to let the photographs do the talking here so i hope you enjoy the journey through the lens.


  1. Some quite splendid shots, there.
    It's a wonderful time of the year.
    How are you doing now? Over the worst and well on the mend, I hope?

  2. Hi Alan,
    Thanks. It was a beautiful day. I would have liked to get out a bit earlier but the light was pretty good all the same. The colours are just amazing.

    I am over the worst now and was doing quite well getting the fitness back until i pulled a calf muscle. This is almost back to normal but i have to let it heal properly. Pushing it to heal too fast will result in it relapsing and then it will take even longer. Patience is the frustrating answer.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. As Alan says, some fine shots. I pulled a calf muscle some years back and it took some quite brutal treatment from a professional football club's resident physiotherapist to get it on the road to recovery.

    Painful stuff it was, but all the soft methods - ultrasound, massage etc from two other physios did nothing to help. I now do lots of stretching exercises ever day as advised.

    Hope it heals soon.

  4. Hi Gibson, Thanks for the advise. I am not new to this injury so i know what you went through. The painful to touch has now subsided and i am left with just the dull ache and although i didn;t have a problem with it on the walk yesterday i could feel the lack of elasticity last night. Patience is a virtue that i lack when it comes to getting outdoors.

  5. some really nice images in there, esp the 8th 17th 19th and 21st ones. Nice autumn colours.


  6. Thanks David,
    Your comments are appreciated and i am pleased you like some.
    My favorites are 16,19,21,22.


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