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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting back - Well almost.

  Last August 18th (2011), i came down with Shingles which i wouldn’t wish on anybody and it took it’s toll on my fitness.
I was pretty fit up to that point with regular running and walking trips.
I did 10k road run in 63 minutes just prior to the illness. I know that’s not fast for seasoned runners but i’m happy with that time because i’m not a running fanatic.
Since then i have been in hospital and numerous trips to the doctors and consultants and so the last 8 months have been a bit hit and miss with fitness.

  One of my worst moments was when Sheila and I was marshalling Swirl How for a charity event. I almost didn’t make it to the top and i felt dreadful. I was so pleased to get off that mountain and it took about 4 weeks to recover.

  Also going to New Zealand for 5 weeks didn’t particularly help my fitness because on holiday you tend to eat and drink far too much and at the wrong times. You cannot help but put weight on.
Getting that weight off is something that will happen, tomorrow, eventually, isn’t it.

  We started mentally, to get into a fitness regime. I weighed myself and was 87.4 Kl. 
We have been doing regular exercise in the gym and also Sheila has been cooking some fantastic fat free, healthy meals.
It’s been damned hard work at times keeping the regime going, especially with us enjoying a social beer or two but it’s paying off.
I went on a 10k run this morning and i did it in 62 minutes. 1 minute better than my best time. And having weighed myself i am now 76kl. A drop of 11.4kl. or 25lbs. 

 That’s comparatively like the weight of my full backpacking rucksack (less the food). I am pleased. When it’s expressed like this it makes you realise the worth of all the pain.

You will have to ask Sheila yourself what weight she is. I’m not brave enough.


markswalkingblog said...

Nice one Alan, that is an impressive loss of weight and a good time for 10Km. I would say you pretty much on the mend. Where are you going backpacking next?

Greg said...

Well done Alan in losing the weight. Possibly one of the hardest things to do. I keep trying but just bounce back up.

Louise said...

Injury and illness are always a bit of drag and recovery can be very frustrating, well done!

AlanR said...

I am very proud of you Alan. We have worked hard to shift the weight with our new keep fit & diet regime. I am also proud to say i have lost 11lb and feeling great. You are looking great and i will continue to work hard to keep up the healthy food diet. The wine has gone out the window but G & T is a nice replacement especially the slimline T.

Well done, you should be very proud of yourself

AlanR said...

Cheers Mark. It is the Lakes in 2 weeks.

AlanR said...

Greg, your not wrong. This is the most i have ever lost and its going to be hard to keep it down.

AlanR said...

Thanks Louise.

AlanR said...

Thanks Sheila, i couldn't have done it without your dogged perseverance.

GeoffC said...

A highly worthy achievement with the weight loss and recovery Alan, well done.
Actually I would be very wary of hard running in your late fifties if not a well seasoned runner. Even as a very occasional light runner, I stopped it years ago for fear of impact damage on ageing joints. Any injury would have taken a very long time to heal if the experience of the past few years is anything to go by.

Mike Knipe said...

Impressive weight loss. Have you counted all of your limbs? If this happened to me I would suspect a missing leg or something....
1kg in two months is my record so far...

AlanR said...

Hi Geoff, Thanks for your words of wisdom. I think we Kneed to make a joint decision then.

AlanR said...

Mike, with the amount of miles you have covered lately and the chally coming up i don't think you need to loose anything.
Hope the visit to Nurse Gladys Emanuel went ok.

Alan Sloman said...

My old Dad used to say
"Want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head!"

It's the only way I would ever lose that much!
Well done, fella

AlanR said...

Thanks Al,
A lot of the effort is purely willpower. I am determined to do it.
When i picked up my rucksack and that's was how much i have lost i was amazed. Not sure where it's all gone though.

Phreerunner said...

Well done Alan. Did you notice you only have one arm? Perhaps not, if someone has lopped off your head!
You should be doing the Challenge...

AlanR said...

If i didn't have my head arm and leg i wouldn't be doing the challenge anyway.
I, would do the Challenge.

Andrew W said...

Good job Alan.
I know how you feel with operations and stuff.
Two cartilege operations, and three hernia operations since 2007, have not helped my overall fitness.

After the recent shock of seeing myself in Sloman's Daunder pictures, I have put myself under a stringent regime.
The key for me, is NOT to eat between meals.
It's the little picky things that really bugger everything up.
So biscuits and sweets are long gone along with the excess cheese.
And Peanut butter is banned.
Also, next to no alcohol, and drink a lot of water.

I am also working on core muscle strength now, because it is the core muscles that keep it all tight.
Well, when I get back to keeping it all tight that is.

It used to be so bloody easy when I was 30.
But, as you well know, at 58 it doesn't exactly slide off :(

-maria- said...

Well done Alan! It's all off your knees. Injuries/sickness can either make you give up or try even more determined. I'm happy you chose the latter option.

And well done, Sheila, too! A loss of 11 lbs (or 5 kg as I would say ;-) ) is great!

Chris Grogan said...

Well done both of you - it's not easy is it. I've also just lost 10lbs that had crept up on me over the last couple of years - mainly by cutting back on the vino. I'm just a little squirt so it's really made a difference and I'm fair scooting up those hills again.

AlanR said...

Exactly Andrew,
Breakfast - Porridge
Lunch - jacket spud with non fat filling.or pasta with tinned fish, tuna or salmon.
Evening meal - A low fat meal with lots of veg. Sheila makes them very acceptable. I don't feel i am lacking anything.
Once a week a treat. M&S Peppered Rump steak with homemade fat free chips.
Coffee, only 1 per day. (Sometimes i sneak 2)
Green tea, as much as i want, and yes water.
Beer! I have cut back about 60-70%. I could do better but i do enjoy a pint and social evening.
Snacks, Ryveta crisp bread with Blackcurrent jam.
No bread.
No fizzy drinks.
No milk except in coffee.
No Chocolate
No sweets.
Plenty of fruit, jelly, yoghurt.
Early to bed. You sleep much better with less beer.

Well thats about it food wise, but your right the core muscles are the ones to target.
Good luck with your challenges.

AlanR said...

Sheila and i both send Thanks Maria.
Injuries and sickness can have a depressing effect and i admit that at times i have felt quite bad.
Fortunately i have the mentality never to give up and have been quite determined to make an impact weight wise.

AlanR said...

Cheers Chris, Vino is high in calories. G and T i think.

Anonymous said...

Well done to you both, are you 100% better now?
You are both an inspiration to us younger folk i enjoy running but dont think i could do 10k in 62 mins so you carry on.
Lisa x

AlanR said...

Not 100% but getting there. I didn’t know you enjoyed running. Maybe we should do a 5k sometime.

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