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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TGO Challengers 2012

  Sheila and I would like to send best wishes to all those taking part in this years TGO challenge.
All the packing done by now, yes? And don’t forget where you put everything.

  Just remember that whether you are a first timer or an old timer it’s not so much the journey that’s important; it’s the way we treat those we encounter and those we travel with along the way.

Have a great time and keep blogging, can’t wait to read of your adventures.


Laura said...

Thanks Alan & Sheila - I should be packing (3rd effort) but I'm sitting at the computer instead.......!

AlanR said...

You need to have regular breaks Laura.

Louise said...

Unlike last year, I have not packed at all yet. My kit is liberally spread around the house but I have a list and know where it all is. I just need to gather and stuff! Thanks Alan & Sheila, can you fix the weather?

Mike Knipe said...

I've packed half a litre of scotch. I have half a litre that won't fit into the bottle. What, oh what shall I do about it?

AlanR said...

Now where did i put that bigger rucksack!
Sorry Louise i can fix most things but not the weather.

AlanR said...

Post it on to Tarfside. Only if you are going that way of course. 'av a good en Mike.

Alan Sloman said...

Have just been scrutinising the jetstream forecast. Friday & Saturday look jolly good. Sunday & Monday quite crappy, then improving and the second week doesn't look bad at all!
It can't be worse than last year, so anything is a bonus.

Ta for your good wishes.
Will you look after the blogosphere while we're away?

AlanR said...

Hope your predictions are correct and that's good about fri and sat considering your planned route.

I'm away for four days walking and maybe a bit more whilst your partying across. But we will do our best to blog something.
I have a BPL pocket stove mod to post as well.

Tony Bennett said...

Thanks but couldn't you have found a photo of a smaller stream. Shuffles off to find waterwings.

AlanR said...

I was just thinking of going to make a green tea when that photo came to view.
PMA Tony the weather will be pretty good.

Carl Mynott @GBWildlifeTales said...

Lovely message Alan, thanks. Hope to see you on the hill someday.

AlanR said...

Cheers Carl, same here.

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