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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Delios water filter. UPDATE Nov 2012

This is an update for all who may want to buy new filters or to replace the existing filter head.

 Overall it's good news.

As readers will be aware,  the company was badly effected by the earthquake and resulting tsunami which devastated Japan in 2011. Production and facilities were lost.

The good news is that production has now started again and is still being manufactured in Japan. Other plants outside Japan were considered to try and speed up the process but have been rejected on quality and cleanliness issues.

The bad news is that Delios UK need to have 100 orders before batch shipment will be released from Japan.

 So, it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation. To give a little incentive to placing orders here in UK, Delios have reduced the initial order price. The feeling is that once the 100 target is reached then ongoing batches will ship from Japan easier.

 Obviously this throws up questions for potential purchasers and so i would like to preempt people's doubts.
 Delios UK feel that they can achieve 50 units ordered within the next week. If this number is not met then negotiations with the supplier in Japan to reduce the initial supply figure from 100 to 50 will take place.
 They are targeting all orders taken to be delivered for Christmas.

They understand the loyalty of the UK supply base and want them to know that it is appreciated.

Please click on the link below if you would like to view the products or place an order.

This information has been forwarded by Yasuyo Fujimoto from Delios UK. Thank You.


markswalkingblog said...

Thanks for the update Alan. I think I will look to get one as an alternative to my Travel Tap.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
They are just so much better than the travel tap. Saves all the effort of trying to force water through that inside filter. I thought the travel tap would improve over time but it hasn’t.
At this price the Delios is a good alternative.

Andrew W said...

Ordered one from them last week when they emailed, as a backup of my existing one. Hopefully they will get the 100 orders they need to ship. Good bit of kit these. Especially as they fit on lucozade sport bottles and platypus.

AlanR said...

That’s it exactly Andrew. And they take the peaty colour out of the water as well. Other filters don’t.
I,m sure they will get the hundred from what i am hearing.

selfpowered said...

Good gear Alan, ordered a new filter same day as Andrew and Karl. Hopefully others will follow suite.

Hoped u might blog an update :)

AlanR said...

That will be appreciated David. They (Delios UK) do keep me up to date and are very honest.

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