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Monday, February 25, 2013

A waddle sort of day. Nerja pt3

 We had a really nice evening in the company of some Dutch folk who were impressed with our venture  into the hills.
Today however we are stiff as boards and waddling around as though we have had hip replacements. I don't know, you would think we never walk anywhere.
It started with a waddle into the old town to find some socks which would stop my feet thinking they were walking on egg shells.
 That job done and with the sun now strong in the azure sky (Thanks Martin), we decided we had better take full advantage of the free vitamin D on offer and hypothetically plug ourselves into an English speaking sunbed.  I set the timer to go off when both sides were medium to well done.

 Lunch was taken after another short waddle across the road to a tapas bar.
Spanish omelette, Garlic Prawns, Meatballs, Beef steak, Chicken wings, Croquette potatoes, Salad, bread, 1 wine, 1 beer, 2 coffee's.  All for 10 euro 40 cents whilst sat out in delightful 17 degrees C.

 We get asked quite a bit if we are cold as we are in the minority here in shorts and tee shirts. Most of the locals and those on holiday seem to be dressed for winter. Gloves, scarfs and hats in abundance.

Honestly, the weather this last couple of days has been as good as any we had in UK last summer. Bring it on.


Laura said...

Looks as though you're making the best of it!

We tell the locals here that we're 'les gens du Nord' - wearing shorts and t-shirts when they're all still wrapped up in woolly tights, boots and down anything under 20 degrees! Not so warm here at the moment though - struggling to 5 degrees at mid-day.

-maria- said...

Ok, now I believe you are not on a walking holiday - after reading the previous post I was a little dubious... At least you did earn your lazy day!

Hmm, I'm starting to feel hungry - garlic prawns... beef steak... mmm...

Anonymous said...

Where are you staying in Nerja? Package or did you make your own way there? Sorry to be nosey but thinking about a trip out there in the next few weeks.

Unknown said...

hi Laura
Thats good. People of the north. But Scandinavians are also wrapped up. You would think they are hardiee tjan us.

Unknown said...

Mussels are on the menu tonight. With garlic bread.

Unknown said...

Package through Thomsons. It worked out cheaper ovwrall. A taxi to and from the airport would be €130. alone.

Unknown said...

That should read hardier than us. Its the wine you know.

Phreerunner said...

We use those Thomson packages for our trips to Madeira - excellent value if booked well in advance.
We did have chicken wings on Saturday. Apart from that I think your upmanship is pretty much a clean sweep...
I'm sure that if we got a very long ladder, or maybe a balloon, we could reach an azure view. (Trouble with that is I'm scared of both ladders and balloons.)
Have fun!

AlanR said...

hi Martin,
Yes we agree. The package we took, if booked now for this week is almost £400 more.
People told us Spain has gone expensive. We cannot agree with that. We have found prices very reasonable indeed.
This is a lovely area for walking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. We had a couple of holidays with thomson last year. Amalfi coast and Austria. Good value with the transfers, half board, packed lunches and lift passes in Austria. Looking at the hotel riu Monica.

Anonymous said...

Not now, Alan, you've better things to be doing, but when you get back could you describe the feeling of sitting in the warm on dry ground; just so I can enjoy it vicariously.

AlanR said...

You won't be disappointed with the Monica. It's very nice all round. They don't have any tea or coffee making facilities in the room so bring or hire a kettle etc. at reception. That's the only issue.

AlanR said...

I like that Oss. Made us laugh this morning.

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