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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fungi in Tandle Park

I should be typing a post about a lovely walk around Buxton, Taddington and Wormhill today but Sheila has had a bit of a bug this weekend which prevented us getting out. The Buxton walk was an invite from fellow blogger Martin Banfield. We were all packed, cake and sandwiches made and train tickets bought too.
So today i needed a bit of fresh air and headed off to my local park. I had only been going 15 minutes and the sweat was an obvious a sign that i had not escaped the virus. As soon as i got to a bit of a hill my breathing was awful. I sat down for a little while and decided not to go home but to just slowly wander through the park and photograph some Fungi. I believe this is Fungi week.

Although i posted some photo's in an earlier post i was still amazed at the variety that i found.
Here are a few images below and for anyone who wants to look at some more, there is a link here for a slideshow of what i found today.
Link to photo slideshow
At most i was 2 miles from my front door. It's a wonderful park.


Dawn said...

Fantastic photos Alan.Hope the both of you get well soon.

AlanR said...

Your comments are always appreciated Dawn. Thanks.
I guess it will be a couple of days or so to get rid of this bug. `I'm not as rough as Sheila has been. {Yet}

Linda said...

Beautiful series of photos, Alan!

AlanR said...

Thanks very much Linda.

Phreerunner said...

We were sorry to miss you last week, Alan. The weather was certainly better than today's. Just started catching up on 'Old Reader' again. You are top of the list. 385 entries to go....

AlanR said...

We were sorry to miss it too. Sheila is still rough but is in work. I am not as bad although still have a bit of a temperature.
Plenty of reading ahead then. Glad you got on Old reader.

-maria- said...

Nice pics, Alan! Hope you both soon get better.

Some lovely walks during the autumn. And congratulations on your 60th birthday! A little late, but better late than never?

AlanR said...

Hi Maria, good to see your back with us. We are both 95% better now thanks for asking. Autumn has to be my favourite time of year for colour. Thanks for the birthday wishes. 60 eh! time goes so quickly.

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