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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi Tec Zuuk footwear.

The Zuuks have won this years TGO Footwear of the year accolade.

Not a surprise to me really because they are very very good for our needs as backpackers. I love them.
 I am so pleased because i reviewed them earlier in the year here.
Another reason i am pleased is the name, Hi Tec. There is so much snobbery when it comes to gear labels, i'm glad that a name that is usually mid table has taken top spot. Well done all those who voted and well done Hi Tec.

Update June 2014.

After taking them on the TGO Challenge i now have changed my opinion on them for trips longer than a weekend or so. After a 2 weeks trip i was very disappointed at how slow the shoe was to dry out. Having used them for river crossings and general evening in camp i did expect them to dry out in a couple of hours but they were still wet after 8 hours.
When you dry your feet after a long day you really don’t want to put your feet back into a shoe thats wet.
So, I am now using Vivi Barefoot shoes without the sock and find them far better.


rolltidedistrict said...

that shoes is great for adventure,also its perfect for any outfits..thank you for posting,like this blog.

AlanR said...

Glad you like them.

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