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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fozzils flat pack camp kit review.

Backpackinglight. uk had these Fozzils plastic flat pack camp wares on special offer and so i ordered a pack. I’ve always had a bit of a glancing interest in them but always thought they were a little too expensive to buy on a whim, so i never bought them until now.

They include, as it says on the packaging above , a cup, a dish, a bowl and a spoon.

I’ve been using them at home to find out if i would backpack with them and here are my thoughts so far.
They are very easy to assemble using press studs to create the shapes. They can be assembled inside out or back to front but the instructions say that the fish bone design should be on the outside. The difference is not initially  obvious but the colour of the fishbone is deeper on the outside than on the inside.
Being made of a flexible plastic the shapes are easy to create and they wash very easily. Food doesn’t stick to them from my short experiences and therefore no scrubbing is required, just a wash under the tap.

The dish or plate as i call it.

I have found very little use for this item as its a bit of an "in between" if you get what i mean. Not much use for what foodstuffs i take when backpacking.

The Bowl.

I found the bowl to be a good size and very useful. It’s sturdy and well balanced. A definite would use piece of kit. Cannot find a fault with this.

The cup.

I found the cup to be rather disappointing considering that this item was the one i had most hopes for. The volume is ok at 300ml. Its a little unstable and with the cup tapering outwards and dish shaped its easy to spill liquids over the sides.
The biggest problem is hot liquids. The plastic is not very heat resistant and it also becomes more pliable the hotter it gets. Picking up a squidgy cup of hot coffee means you have to reduce the volume down to around 225ml to be on the safe side.
I made a handle for the cup (see photo below) using the plastic material from the packaging and it works a lot better.
Cup with MYOG flat pack handle. It adds 7 grams to the overall weight.

Although i am pleased with the result of the handle which allows the cup to be used easier and safer, i am not convinced that i would use it backpacking. A normal plastic camping cup works far better, mine is lighter and doesn’t take up that much room in a rucksack anyway. So i’m back to square one.

The Spoon.

The spoon is a really nice design and a good weight. The business end is a good size and its not sharp considering it’s plastic sheet material. The handle is way too short for use with backpacking dehydrated meal bags, which is a real shame. My own bamboo spoon with long handle weighs 10 grams and therefore i wouldn’t replace it with the Fozzils one.

Although the flat pack design is neat for storing in a rucksack and well made, the design is not that lightweight in comparison to my current kit and some items are in my view not that practical for backpacking.
Dish. wouldn’t use it.
Bowl. Good. Practical.
Cup. Poor. No Handle, not very heat resistant.
Spoon. Good but handle too short.

Score: 2 out of 5.

Anyone want to buy a cheap Fozzils set!


Anonymous said...


AlanR said...


Dawn said...

Bob,over at Backpacking Light has been selling something similar for a while now. Sort of gimmicky?

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn, That's where they are from. (See sentence 1).

markswalkingblog said...

I have something similar, which I think I got from Bob and Rose a few years back. Quite useful if you want to use something in addition to your Ti pot. Packs flat and weighs very little.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark. I bought these expecting them to be a bit more useable than the more "normal" items. I tend to use my ti pot and plastic food bags as well as dehydrated foods so its no big deal that I find them rather disappointing.
I'm sure I will find a use for them around the house but they won't be backpacking with me.

Dawn said...

My mistake Alan. Bob and Rose used to sell a different brand on similar lines. These are are quite recent items obviously replacing what they previously sold. What I do carry and find useful is a small collapsible Swedish military cup.

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn, No probs. I have one of those cups but find them too small. I like a big brew. See you on the 15th?.

Dawn said...

Looking forward to it Alan. In fact I shall beheading up a couple of days earlier for a potter up the two Rhinogs I missed previously.

AlanR said...

Thats great. You will enjoy the Rhinogs. Very rocky, steep in places and usually quiet. Good camp spots.

Maria said...

Looks a bit like those origami sets you can buy to your kids!

AlanR said...

And about as useful Maria.

Mole said...

Hi Alan. The original ones were by Orikaso. They didn't have the poppers - just tabs.(and no spoon) I originally bought a bowl, then bought 2 of the sets on Amazon for peanuts years ago. Like you, I found the bowls most useful - I've used it quite a lot. When travelling/backpacking with my other half, we often cook 'real' food or prepare sandwiches/roll - flat they are great chopping/prep boards. The original cups are bigger, not tapered and have an origami handle - a useful size, but not really for backpacking IMO. I didn't ever feel that they needed poppers to hold them together.
So, we have 3 bowls but the rest are oddities!
(just been tagged in a photo with you n Maria N -at TGO after dinner - dunno about you, but I look rather 'merry'!)

AlanR said...

Hi Mole, Welcome. I think this is your 1st comment, so thanks. I have not been taged! The Fossils will suit so hikers but not me.

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