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Monday, July 21, 2014

Wales. Day 1. Barmouth.

Tuesday 15th July.
Having had a good journey to my campsite at Arthog I pitched my tent on an empty site. It was a glorious day, hot, humid, calm and very clear air. 
Camp site at Garth-Yfog Arthog, your eyes do not deceive you, it is a sloping site.

I was quickly greeted by a flock of free range chickens who investigated wherever they could and I had to shoo them away when they decided my sleeping bag was a comfy place to rest. Then a pure white moggy made itself at home and I ended up having to close up the tent.

It was my first time on this site so I had a wander around to get my bearings before I decided to walk the 2 miles into Barmouth.

Later in the evening the plan was to meet up with fellow bloggers Mike Knipe,Dawn Linney, JJ and Mrs JJ and also 2 friends of mine Richard and Teg at the Last Inn on the waterfront.

I had a quick walk around Barmouth which is quite a small resort and so it didn't take long. Its a nice place but I was surprised at how few eating places there were. Mikes suggestion of The Last Inn turned out to be a good choice. I called in to check out the menu and try the beer which proved excellent. Sunbeam bitter brewed in Wolverhampton. A blond beer with a hint of pineapple.

I then retraced my journey and went back to camp to await the arrival of Richard and Teg before meeting up all together at 7.00pm back in the Last Inn.

 On the way to Barmouth a Hercules Transport plane flew over.
And below are just a few shots of my walk over to Barmouth.

 The railway bridge and walkway over the estuary.

 The Last Inn Barmouth
Inside the pub.
The footbridge used to be a toll bridge but now it is free to cross.


Anonymous said...

In terms of location, Barmouth is just magnificent, isn't it? I've always maintained it easily compares with places like Sorrento or Portofino when it comes to its setting.People laugh, but I'm serious.

AlanR said...

It is spectacular, I agree OS's.

Anonymous said...

This was my first time in Barmouth and it's somewhere I'd like to go back to. The beach is nice and it's close to the hills. It has ice cream and beer. All of my holiday needs met!

AlanR said...

And its not far from home.

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