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Friday, October 16, 2020

3F Ultralight Gear 2/3 person tent FOR SALE.

 I bought this tent in February 2020 for an event which was to take place in April. 

See it here.

Obviously with what took over the country in March the event was cancelled. I now have no need for this tent. I was going to keep it but the amount of times I would use it just doesn't warrant it.

So someone could grab a bargain. I paid £140 not £220 and I would accept any decent offer. Taking into consideration that it is in as new condition. It has been erected twice. It has no marks on the groundsheet and it has only been slept in for 2 nights.

If your memory is good, you may remember the Golite Shangri la 3. Well this 3F tent was probably made in the same factory using the same patterns and materials and has been re badged under another name. Thats my guess, knowing the Golite version. It is also very similar to the Nigor WikiUp 3. The quality of the 3F tent is perfect.

Here is the weight. Tent inner and outer, pole and pegs and bags. 1634 grams.

It says this is a 2 person tent but it would easy accommodate a small child or a dog too.

Tent dimensions.

The inner tent is very fine mesh which is midge proof.
The zip is two way so can be opened from the top to give even more ventilation than the huge three vents at the top.
The tent is supplied with a pole extension only, for use with the owners own walking pole. Saving weight.
12 tent pegs are included.
The inner groundsheet has a high bathtub floor. 2 inner pockets for storage.

Where the provided extension pole fits with your walking pole.

Tent details.

Outer fly sheet.  15D silicon coated Nylon 5000 hydrostatic head.
Inner tent. 20D Gauze.
Groundsheet. 20D Silicon coated Nylon. 6000 hydrostatic head.
Pole extension rod.
12 tent pegs.
Colour, Green.

Any questions please use comments below.

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