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Monday, October 26, 2020

All quiet in Manchester.

 Photographs of Manchester during the day. 

Eerily quiet. 

I have heard that Manchester is not complying with the Governments Tier 3 rules. Well here is the proof that they are and this is rush hour 4.40pm.. 

But, there was no hussle and bustle at the Covid Nightingale Hospital. In fact just the opposite. 

Strange considering. Why don't they do covid testing whilst they are doing very little instead of folk having to pay between £120-£200 for the privilege. Or do we forward the expense to Chinese Embassy.


  1. At least you are recording history. Very spooky photos.

    1. Hi Conrad. That is what I thought at the time. Hope your minor op went well.

  2. It was a warty thing on my ear. It was no big deal providing it turns out to be nothing nnasty but analysisis takes 5/6weeks.

  3. I think they capture well the tragedy that is the Covid-19 pandemic Alan.

  4. Conrad.- We have our fingers crossed.

    Gibson. Thanks you. I'm glad you think so.

  5. Those shots are typical of the scenes I saw back in early April. Having walked in from Altrincham, I walked from the Palace theatre along Oxford Road towards the university in the middle of the almost deserted traffic-free road, a weird sensation with the air strangely clear of pollution. A later visit in September saw the traffic and crowds return to near normal.
    Another lockdown coming this week but I don't think the city will be as quiet this time, people are getting brassed off with the whole thing.

    1. Hi Geoff, I’ve been in quite a few times taking photos and as you say, more people were getting out and about. But since tier 3 was on the cards people were becoming less. An hour after these pictures were taken there was hardly anyone about. With everything closing with lockdown Mcr will be deserted. I feel so sorry for all the business’s that have done their best, they deserve better.


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