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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cumbria Weekend

Welcome to my blog to Phil and Mark.
We have just arrived home from the Lake District. This was our tri-weekly trip up to Sheila's mums.
Thankfully we wasn't camping. It barely stopped raining the whole time.
Locals were telling us that thursday night was really bad. There was plenty of evidence of the storms as the roads were littered with tree debris. Also we had no signal on the phone or the internet.
Today was also bad for the weather. Heavy rain,and mist down very low. Not much wind though thankfully.
Driving back over Birker fell this afternoon we passed some young un's walking along the road. I presume that they were D of E going from the numbers and the style of equipment. Visibility was quite bad on the fells.
They were like drowned rats. Poor things.

We called in to the Scree's pub in Nether Wasdale on Friday night. This is one of my favourite pubs in the county. It's now under new management and i can say that we had a fine meal and there was a definite improvement in the atmosphere.. It was good to see some old faces back in as well.

Saturday night we had our usual night in the Gosforth Hall. It's always a good meal in here and Rod keeps 4 casks beers in good order. It was quite a surprise to see that this weekend he had put on a cask conditioned, hand pumped lager. Yes lager. I tried a couple of pints and i must admit that it was very good. Unfortunately their was quite a large group of people in for a meal so it wasn't long before it had run out. But he will be getting some more in.

We called in to the outdoor shop in Broughton in Furness and i spotted some self inflating mats, they had the name Trang on them so i made a mental note to check them out on the internet when i got home.
I have now had a look and cannot find them, that's strange. I will have to go back in and have another look at them.
Anybody else heard of them?


Phil said...

Trang mats? No idea!

I've actually been reading your blog for a while via Google Reader, so I haven't clicked on the Follow button before ;-)

I've just got home from the Lakes too - we were in Wasdale from Friday night to Saturday afternoon, with a couple of visits to the Wasdale Head Inn.... Nice weather for it! Don't suppose you saw three wet people wearing Inov8s did you?!

AlanR said...

Hi Phil,
I will have to go in the shop again and have another look. Maybe i was mistaken.
From Sheila's mums we have a great view of the Scafells and the Screes. We had some view up the valley around saturday teatime, but that was about it.
If we hadn't planned to go to the Screes due to the new management we would have come up to the Wasdale Head Inn.
Did you know that there is a free bus that will pick you up at Wasdale Head and take you to the Gosforth Hall Inn and then return you for free as well.
We saw lots of wet people Phil.
I have just bought a pair of Inov-8 320's and my first impressions of walking on wet stone in them are not good.

CF Rich said...

Hi Alan,

Read your blog and decided to have a hunt for the mattress you mentioned but having googled it the results I got were topped with your blog, so no joy sadly, I've not heard of these before.

AlanR said...

Hi, hope you enjoyed your latest adventure.
Yes it's a strange one. I was looking for something else and just walked past these mats and noticed the name Trang printed on them. I took it no further than making a mental note of it. Googled it when i got home and nothing!
I need to go back in next time i am up there and take a closer look.

Phil said...

Oh, whilst I'm like Bambi on ice in ANY footwear on wet rock, I'd agree that some Inov8 sole patterns aren't the best on that! The Inov8 site has a 'recommended terrain' graphic for each model incidentally, and it appears that both my Terrocs and your 320s aren't recommended for wet rock.

Hey ho.

AlanR said...

I can guarantee it! I must try and get hold of a pair of Oboz.

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