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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Lightload towel part II

Following on from my earlier posting on the Lightload towel.
We used this throughout our recent trip to Scotland and now that we have given it a thorough testing i can say with conviction that we liked it better than any of the micro fibre towels we have used.
It will now join our backpacking kit and replace the microfibre towel.

Size for size it rolls up smaller and weighs less than the fibre towel.
It's not as strong as the fibre towels and you have to take this into consideration.
It feels much more like a proper towel than a fleece towel does when using it.
When wet or after washing it. Don't wring it out but compress it to remove the excess water. If you wring it out then there is the danger of tearing it.
Even after compressing the excess water out it will still dry you.
I didn't notice that it held any bad odour with use, like some of the fibre towels do.
It dries very quickly.
It washes well at low temp on short cycle or by hand wash.

If on a campsite, keep it off the shower floor and walls as it will soak everything up quickly.
It's cheap enough to replace at any time.
Sizes are available to suit what ever you require.

We cut our purchased towel in half and after 2 weeks the cut edge hadn't deteriorated.
No bad points really. A good buy.

Even if you don't like it you can always use it to wash to car or the windows.


Anonymous said...

Good to meet you at Langdale. I feel another gear purchase coming on. Still they are very cheap. The S2S towel I used was very good. Much better than the MSR, but these ones are even lighter. Hope our paths will cross again!

AlanR said...

Hi Robin, They are cheap which makes buying it an easy decision. We were not disappointed with it at all.
I'm sure our paths will cross again.
BTW. I did end up buying a pair of Inov-8 320's from Pete Blands, after your recommendation. Not tried them out yet.

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