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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boreland track to Aberfeldy

We kept on losing signal which is always a pain. So i am now going to put the posts on that we should have been on days ago. I will keep them in order.

Having contoured round Meall Greigh we were pretty tired out. The heat of the day had taken it's toll. We decided to set the tent up just before the forestry path which leads to Boreland.
Luckily the ground was firm. I expect that after heavy rain this area could be quite boggy.

We did have a little rain but not too much and we slept well. Just as we packed up the rain started getting a bit heavier as we set off into the forestry.
Within the hour we passed the Culdees bunkhouse. So we called in for a look see. It was a little surprising to say the least. It's not a walkers/climbers bunkhouse, it's more for the eco warrior style of person. It's owned by a Dutch lady who wants to pursue the self sufficiency cause. It sleeps around 20 people and it was clean.

Out through the small village we picked up the forest trail again which led us to Kenmore. What a delightful spot. A very pretty place and one we wanted to spend so more time here but we had to push on.

On the other side of the village we picked up the Rob Roy way again. Mainly good track through farm land all the way to Aberfeldey. Care needs to be taken as it's quite easy to take a wrong turn being in farm land.
Just prior to dropping down to Aberfeldy you come to a Gorge with a bridge crossing the gorge. Take the path across the bridge. The view of the waterfall is spectacular. This is known as the Birks of Aberfeldy.

In 40 minutes we were in Aberfeldy village and heading for the campsite. What a fantastic site. So much better than we expected.

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