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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gram Weenie Stove

Recently i have been using the Optimus Crux stove with the foldaway burner. I bought it with the solo pan set and it all fits together nicely. Great for 3 season use.
I have posted previously that the regulator is poor but if you are just boiling water then turn it up and it works fine.
   In the past i have made numerous stoves, too many to mention and i have been generally successful in my endeavours.
Last week while browsing i came across the Gram Weenie pro stove, there are other stoves of similar design, ie the White Box Stove but at 19 gr in weight and even smaller than the WBS, it got me thinking about buying it.
    I checked out the availability and found that it was available in the US from End2End trail supply or Australia via Mark at Light weight hikers blog.
As we have family in Australia i decided to ask them to buy it for me. I have found buying from US can be a long job whereas Australia just isn't.

The stove has now been ordered and i wait eagerly for it's arrival and testing it out.

   As the days get shorter and colder i find gas stoves are just too unpredictable even with the gas mixture for cold temperatures. I much prefer the use of Methylated spirit stoves when the frost is down.
When it arrives i will test it out and post the results.


afootinthehills said...

This sounds interesting. BTW I've just had to become a 'Follower' again. For some reason I'd disappeared!!

AlanR said...

hi Gibson,
I don't know why you disappeared. It's nothing that i have done. You still remain the 4th actual photo member in the gallery here. I havn't "Lost" anyone from the overall count (29) as i remember.
If you became a new follower you would be the newest photo in the listing but your not, your still where you have always been. (Hope that makes sense).

As for the gram Weenie, it looks ideal for those cold mornings when your gas stove has decided to stop vaporising. It's on it's way, so we will see soon.

afootinthehills said...

Oh the digital world can be so fickle!

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
You are so right. It's supposed to work by logic. Well i would like to meet the guy who;s logic it is, because mine certainly doesn't work like it.
We plod on, sometimes blindly. Well most times in my case.

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