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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smart phones

If these new phones, ie Blackberry Curve are supposed to be "SMART" then why can't they set themselves up.
It's been so close to going through the window. Been trying to set this up for about 5hrs.
I can't get the apps to download because it says email not approved,  but blackberry says it is.......its a nightmare.
Can't get blogger working. Have sent Bloggr email, sms and mms but to no avail. It just rejects any attempt to communicate.

Its probably something simple but that might be just me! Ha.

It might be going back to Orange very soon.

Any tips gratefully accepted.


selfpowered said...

aaah, new christmas toy?

you're brave, attempting to get blogger going so soon - it took me a few days to get my iphone sorted with emails and the like. From one engineer to another, my tip would be: get only 1 item working per day, avoid a frustrated mind and clouded judgment! Digital is inscrutable when compared to analog, there is no 'give'.

AlanR said...

Hi David,
Merry Christmas.
I can usually find my way round new toys but this is my first BB so all the why’s and wherefor’s are new to me.
We got blogger working almost instantaneously on the HTC Desire, but this one is frustrating.
You may be right. I thing per day.

Gayle said...

Didn't have any problems myself with either of the BBs I've had (although all of my blog posts are simply sent via email, so I didn't have to download any apps). The Orange technical person I spoke to when I first bought my second hand Blackberry was spectacularly helpful and knowledgeable.

Many questions spring to mind (most funamentally: 'have you got GPRS, EDGE etc, in the top right hand corner in upper case, because otherwise your Blackberry service isn't active), but I can't profess to be any sort of an expert - so I'll just wish you well to get it all sorted before the device finds itself being hurled through the nearest window.

Alan Sloman said...

Nope! Sorry Alan - It's a techie thing. I would go round to a techie person's house and get them to do it for you and then show you what to do once it's done, then never touch the settings again...

Boys and toys, eh?

AlanR said...

Hi Gayle.
Yes i have GPRS in upper case there. And also UMA if i use my WiFi router at home.
There is no need to download any APPs for mobile blogging, it was just something else i was not making any headway on.
When you want to download an app from the store it says my email address isn’t valid with BB. Then i check with BB and they say it is.
The circle gets bigger.

I have followed the "Blogger on the go" directions located on the blogger site so many times and it just isn’t playing.
I know now that sending text Register to 256447 is just for the US. So i sent a photo to, again nothing. I sent it again to, it went but nothing comes back from them to set up the phone, so thats wrong too.
It looks like back to the store on thursday unless i have a brain wave.
Thanks ever so much for trying to help.

AlanR said...

hi Alan,
Your right.
You know, i never expected all this hassle with a BB. So many people are using them to blog.
I expected trouble with the HTC with it being new-ish on the scene but it was relatively easy.
This BB is a pain, but i will sort it, (he says!.)

Phreerunner said...

I was lucky. I just pressed a few buttons and the Blackberry seemed to set itself up. Where I hit a major problem was communicating with my desktop after an upgrade, after which the Blackberry software caused a virus like problem, continuously trying to load Roxio software even after I'd tried to delete all the Roxio and Blackberry software from the computer. It stopped me downloading any updated software and we were unable to access internet PDF files. Eventually I had to pay £80 to a repairer to sort it out. I don't think I'll be getting a Blackberry when the present contract runs out!
I'd go back to the shop with your problem; I couldn't do that with mine because it was a Blackberry issue, not an Orange issue.
Good luck.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
What a pain you had, i remember it.

I have now got my App’s to download. 1 thing done.
I still cannot get mobile blogger to communicate. I can go on my blog via the phone internet and also GPRS but it’s not the mobile service which makes life easier when on the go.
Do you use mobile blogger and if so did you set it up using the information given on the blogger site where they send you a claim token code to enter on your blog?

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