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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Test 123
Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


AlanR said...

Well its marvellous. Orange doesn’t support Blackberry on Mobile to go. So BB RIM tells me. Thats why i couldn’t get communication.
Its just email to blogger that runs.
Its working as this post shows, but for anyone else going through this setup nightmare. Take no notice on the Blogger site that Orange is supported because it might just be with Sony Ericsson.
The reason why i couldn’t get the APPS to download was because i hadn’t set up another email address with BB. Once i had registered the new email address from .Blackberry all worked fine.
Why does the Blogger site think we all live in the US. It would be nice to update the page on "mobile to go" for the rest of the world.
Why don’t Blogger get a Blackberry App like Wordpress.
Rant over, i think its stress relief.

afootinthehills said...

I think you may just have put me off Blackberry and for that matter my tentative plans to try mobile blogging!

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
That would be a shame if i have put you off. Once sorted its no harder than sending an email on your PC.
For me it was my first BB and therefore my brain and its system didn’t click.
I was fighting it. I didn’t want to set up a BB email address, i had more that enough of those.
However, you have to, it acts as a middle man between your phone and your blog. Simple now that i know why.
Also you have to register the device to download Apps, again it makes sense now, but it didn’t then.
Most devices,software etc say do you want to register now or later. I always click later because i thought it was just an advertising agent.
However if you pay for an App, how would they know where to charge it to if it wasn’t a registered device.
All quite obvious now but a seeming nightmare before i understood.

The BB Curve i bought on PAYG from Orange for £129. I actually like the phone better than i thought i would.
The small keys are not a major problem except for the ALT key which i find too close to the other keys and i struggle with it.
There are many advantages of being able to use Apps, too many to write here.
As i started off, please don’t be put off by my failings to understand and if you decide to go BB then you are armed with a bit more knowledge than i had.
I can recommend Sheila’s HTC Desire though, it is better than the BB and i think it was Chris Townsend’s choice on the PCT. (hope i am right there)

afootinthehills said...

Thanks for all that information Alan. Much appreciated.

AlanR said...

No probs. Have a good night and a quiet morning.
I'm lounging in bed with a chest infection so no jovialities tonight. Still it will be a cheap night.

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