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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super Delios Water Filter

A few weeks ago i posted that i received an email from Delios UK,  and i asked for comments from users of the filter either good or bad to send me their thoughts.
I would then collate the views and send them off to for appraisal.
I have now completed that and had a reply from Delios Uk. So thank you to all you took the trouble to email me on the subject.
Below are the issues raised by you and the response from the company.

1. The small plastic lid hinges are breaking very quickly and are not up to the rigorous use that we put it through.
2. The neck of the bottle could use some additional support similar to the Playpus bottles.
3. The bottle needs a larger option. It would be great if you could do a 600mm  and a 1L bottle made from the same material as the current bottle.
4. It would be nice if the filter had a longer life. ie be able to filter a greater quantity of water. Not shelf life.
5. We use this in the winter and there is a worry that frost will crack the filter head. If you could provide me with any information regarding cold limits i will pass on the information.
6. A cold weather cosy could be made an option.
7. The price came up a few times, but in general people were prepared to buy it even though it was deemed a bit expensive mainly because of it's light weight appeal, easy of use and the filter specification.
8. Being light weight is very important.

First Response from Delios.

1.     Cap
The manufacturer is aware of this issue, despite no claim has been sent to us to date, and has been in touch with the cap manufacturer for a better design.
He noted that he would be able to improve the hinge and would need a bit more time to finalise a design.

2.     Neck of the bottle
The neck can be changed for stronger structure. However, it will involve the entire re-design of the neck and cap and it is unlikely to do this at this stage.
3.     Size of bottle
As I mentioned before, I raised this issue to the manufacturer a while ago as Drip Delios is now likely to be cancelled. Although the current size is the best in terms of carrying (according to customer feedback in Japan), we are very positive to make another size such as 500-600 cc if there is more demand. This is what I have to find out from other users outside Japan.

4.      Life of filter
The current 200Litre (squeezing heavily) can be extended. But again, this has to do with demand of Delios.

5.     Freeze (Use in Cold Temperatures)
The water in Delios will be frozen if left as it is in very cold weather. The manufacturer noted that the water at a reasonable temperature will be the main source of use recommended. However, an insulated bag is being considered.

I think this relates to your feedback. As we are still small company, it is bit tough to change the design drastically. However, we are looking into any possibility to make Delios meet demands and requests. It may take a time for us but your feedback is very much appreciated.

   I am not certain whether the manufacturer can come back to me with more answers or comments on the cap this year. However, I will keep you updated once he gives me more answers.

Mr Yasuyo Fujimoto comments to me on the cost, 

Currently, I am doing my best to keep the price down despite yen being too strong.

At the same time, I would like to deliver added value of Delios, which is entirely made in Japan. The manufacturer indeed considered manufacturing outside Japan. However, after he visited a few factories, he found that the hygiene standards were not up to what he wanted to achieve for Delios. Therefore, he is still producing Delios in Japan.

I will keep you all posted of any other issues i receive. Please be aware of the freezing issue and don’t get caught out with a frozen filter head, that may crack.   Thanks again for all your input and thanks to Mr Yasuyo Fujimoto from Delios UK..... Alan.


afootinthehills said...

Whatever the problems with the Delios, it's great to see a company actually taking an interest in what its customers say. Well done Delios - and many thanks Alan for doing all this and sharing the information with us.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson,
Fortunately the problems are not specific to filtration and therefore the product is still fantastic and will remain my first choice.
I agree, it is good that a company will ask new media for input to the product in the hope to make it serve us better in the future.

-maria- said...

It really looks like Delios will be my choice for water treatment. I appreciate its simplicity. Like you said, the problems are by no means major.

AlanR said...

Agree 100% Maria.

selfpowered said...

thanks alan, just bought one for the summer trek

AlanR said...

hi David,
Because you can put the filter head onto pretty much most plastic containers including the Platypus range it makes it a good buy.
I take it with me now even in the car or on holidays abroad.

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