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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back from the wilderness

 Well we are now back home after 11 days in the wilderness. That’s not to say we were in a remote place, we were actually in the Lake District but depending on whereabouts you are, the internet is non existent, hence the wilderness theme.
 We spent 5 days at Sheila’s mums in Gosforth, the internet is still steam driven at her house and any posts and websites take forever to load. And then 6 days at Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley where not only you cannot get on the internet but mobile (cell) phones don’t work either.
 We were in the valley visiting friends and also we were there as marshall’s in the Duddon Valley Fell Race. Our marshalling post is Swirl How at the north end of the Coniston ridge.
This year was a British Championship race so there were plenty of entrants and family. I will post separately on this later.
 Swirl How Checkpoint
Arrival at Swirl How.
 On arrival at the Newfield Inn we were pleased to see a vintage car rally from Holland had stopped at the pub for refreshments so i have some lovely photo’s to post of them.
 I was also giving an outing to the Scarp 2 from Tarptent which we both think is a superb tent btw and we were also testing out a 2 man tent from Millets and a pair of Sealskinz socks.
 So i have plenty of key bashing to come this week and also plenty of your wonderful blog posts to read and catch up with the TGO reports and gear reviews etc..


Mike Knipe said...

Hmmm - Helloooo a two man tent from Millets?
Is it blue? If it is, I got one two, in fact I got two, one (of which I broke in a hurricane up North Glen Esk)

AlanR said...

Hi Mike,
Yes blue it is, but i have only one.
Mines a “beta" one than yours cos its not broke. Mind you i didn’t have a hurricane to contend with.

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