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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Over Phawhope to Tibbie Sheils

I have noticed that my mobile blogging dates are incorrect. Probably due to lack of signal.

Awoke tuesday morning to be greeted with light rain. Cleaned the bothy, collected wood for the next people and left about 9.20am.
Mist was right down to the intake walls with no views what so ever.
Rain got harder and we made good use of the brolly in the downpours.
The walk down the Ettrick glen is wonderful however the track soon turns into a minor road. The walking is easy .
Lots of wildlife seen and heard including Curlew, Snipe, Oyster catcher, Meadow Pipet.
Eventually the signpost was reached that heads off into the hills and over to St Mary's loch.
Again visibility was poor, still raining quite heavy.
Within the hour Loch of the Lows was spotted just after the path splits from the Southern Upland Way. we made our way down to the Loch and then walked shore side to Tibbie Sheils.
Did we have a beer and Aberdeen Angus burger? You bet your life we did.

Getting the tent up now while we have a break in the weather and then we might try a few more beers.

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